Alternative meanings to STFU

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    Jan 14, 2003
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    Peter B.
    And of course you will buy the T-shirt...

    Shy Tubers Falling Up
    Slap The Fat Uncle
    Shocked Technologies Falling Under
    Sufficient Thermometers Feeling Us
    Shadow Tinkering For Undernet
    Shoot The Flatulent Übermime
    Stupid, ThickSkulled,Flatulant, & Ugly
    Smelling The Funky Underarm
    Stone Turnips Feeling Udders
    Spruce Trees Fall Unevenly
    Somebody Talk For Us
    Steal Tanks From Uganda
    Sam Takes Frodo Under
    Sucks To Feel U
    So That's For Unkowns?
    Save The Fubar Users :)
    Ship Them Flaming Ubergeeks
    See The Floppers Undulate
    Stop Those Friggin' Uruguayans
    Sniff That Funky Underwear
    Sadams Taliban Feels Unease
    Stupid Teenagers Feel Useless
    Sorry The Foreigner Urinated
    Save The Freakin' Umpire
    Sale To France Uninvitedly
    Stop Taking Fran's Underwear
    Supremely Theoretical Fundamental Universalist
    Stealing Turkeys from Uncle
    Suck the fruity ukulele
    Sing to friendly Urnist
    Saved tons for UNICEF
    Still Training For Utopia
    Stop Thinking Fully, Umkay?
    Scalene Triangles Found Us
    Strange Triumphant Food Ulcer
    Some Testicles Fall Up
    Some Things Fizz Underwater
    Smurfs Taste Fantastic Uncooked
    Slay That Filthy Unicorn!
    Start That Furnace Up
    Stop That Fraggin, Umkay?
    Signal The Friendly UFO
    Stop The Frequent Upgrades
    Still Trying For Underachievement
    Say, Them's Fancy Underwear
    Save Time For Uninstalling
    Shutters Theoretically Fluctuate Upwards
    Stop Transmitting Further Utterances
    Stand To Fart Uncontrollably
    Soooo Thankful For Unix
    Sub-arctic Tux's Fit Undenyably
    Sit There, Feel Unworthy
    Stand Tall For Unity
    Sappy Trees; Filthy... UGH!
    Simply Tantalizing Female Uniqueness
    Sarcastic Tales Fortify Untruths
    Sorry, That Fart's Ubiquitous
    Soapy Trails Fall Under
    Semesterly Tests Frighten Undergrads!
    Sub-Zero Temperatures Freeze Utters
    Shoddy Tents Flap Unintentionally
    Slap Those Freakin Users!
    Sin(Theta) = Force Up
    Sleep To Fully Unwind
    Synthetic Trolls Frequently Urinate
    Stop The Feeding Urbanites
    Start The Feeling Up
    Struck Twins Fell, Urgh!
    Stupid Teen Frenzied Uptakes
    Simple Turtles Fake-out Umpires
    Smelly Tarts From Uzbekistan
    Should Tom Flee U-boats?
    Sashimi: Tuna Fish Uncooked
    Shun The Foul Uberskank
    Sinew Tastes Fairly Undercooked
    Some Techies Feel Underappreciated
    Stewed Tomatoes Force Upchucking
    Sharks Tore Female's Underbelly
    Stop Torturing Fat Ugandans
    Slay The Freakin Underwriters
    Stop The Frickin Unabomber
    So, The Fool Underestimates
    Suck The Foot, Ugly
    Something Tastes Fishy Underneath
    Sometimes Topless Feels Uncomfortable
    Stop These Freakin Understatements
    Stanley Took Fifty Umbrellas
    Screw The Friggin' UPS
    Sick Turtles Feign Undressing
    Sammy, The Fish Unhappy
    Sid The False Umbrella
    Stop! They'll Find Us
    Shawn, The Friendly Ulcer
    Stapled Thumb, Foul Utterance
    Sunburned Top, Furry Underside
    Send Them Far, Umkay?
    Surely, Thou Fears Us!
    Stupid Terrorists, FEAR US!!!!
    Szechuan Teriyaki Fried Underdog
    Sales Team For Undercoating
    Salmon Taking Five Underwater
    Ski Team From Uganda
    Small Tight Fitting Underwear
    Scaled The Frosty Urals
    Salem Township Fire Unit
    Smart Trees Fornicate Unusually
    Say, That's Fairly Unusual
    Seems They Found Us
    Steal The Foreign Uranium
    Some Technicians Fully Understand
    Stop Tans From Ultraviolet
    Smell That Fart, Uberboss?
    Strange Things Found Underground
    Sour Tofu Feels Untimely
    Smart Thinkgeeks Feel United
    Stop Taking Female Underwear!
    Smart Tourist Find Us
    Sometimes Toilets Feel Unhappy
    Stalin Treated Friends Unkindly
    Stupid Tyrants Fret Us
    Simian Trash Fermenting Underwater
    Stop Talking, Find Username
    Stand Tall for Underdog
    Southpark Timmy's Fantasic, Umkay?
    Senator, That's Feingold's Underwear!
    Say, that's Felix Unger.
    Slashdot The Fighting Ubergeeks
    Short, Thick-skulled, Fat, & Ugly!
    Scott Takes Floggings Unwillingly
    Source Takes Full Understanding
    Seek The Funky Undertones
    Several T1's Failed Us
    Surely The Folks Understand?
    Silly Thinkgeek Flames Users!
    Smash The Frog Unconscious
    Sweet Talk Flatters Us
    Stick To Fabulous Unix
    Smelly Toe Fungus Uncovered
    Sensuous Thoughts Filled Us
    Shoot The Fubar Users
    Still Technically Fully Unemployed
    Stay Tuned For Ultimatums!
    Smile, They Fear Us.
    Save Those Fries, Umkay?

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