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    88 TR. As many have said, the 1984 Corvette alternator will physically fit in our cars. Trouble is, it’s not really the ‘right’ part. The internals and rectifier doesn’t get the airflow that it needs and I actually cooked one this weekend.

    I disassembled my old unit from the car. Called a good GM parts guy. Turns out our alternators were part-for-part identical to a 1990 P-30 Chevrolet Van (454 cubic inch motor option). Yes, a potato chip van. Doritos and Ferrari. No internal suppression capacitor, just lots of 120 amp power (quite an accomplishment back in the 80’s).

    So I called around, it is out of production as a unit. I found mine had a bad leg of the diode trio but came through. They had the diode, rectifier and regulator in stock. I had bearings from my ‘Corvette’ one that cooked.

    For under $100, I’ll have all new internals in the correct and original unit.

    Thought I would share. Pic has the part numbers below. Hope this helps someone else down the road. Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login this is the corvette one, see how the unit is more compact with less airflow?
    Image Unavailable, Please Login this is the potato chip van/Ferrari part

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    Brilliant! Thank you for the high quality content of your posts.

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