Amazing one-off custom 288 GTO Capristo Exhaust!

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    Hello all, (Sorry Moderators - I've posted in wrong section - can you move to Ferrari Parts & Collectibles Please)

    We've got here a one-off "sports" exhaust made for a Ferrari 288 GTO from Capristo.
    It's brand new. There are no others in the world.
    The story of how we've got it and (had it for many years) is interesting. We had a customer with a 288GTO that was one of those owners that actually drove his 288 and he wanted a special exhaust system fabricated for two reasons;
    i) To free up the sound of the rather muted and flat original silencer;
    ii) Above all to PRESERVE the original silencer.

    The original mild steel Ansa-made item, is prone to wear like any of the original systems from that era and he saw no sense is accelerating that wear when he could avoid it and improve the sound too.

    His original system was sent to Capristo to make a one-off template and two months later Capristo delivered this system which by all accounts was fiendishly expensive to fabricate, required sophisticated technical knowledge to ensure sensible operation and a sporting sound, and will never,ever, be made again.

    When the new system was finally delivered back for fitment, the owner quite literally vanished into thin air. Sadly, this system has sat in the corner of our warehouse for many years and has only now been discovered again and we're going to put it up for sale!

    It goes without saying that the cost of such a custom Capristo today would be "substantial" but this product would be a great way of preserving that precious original silencer, and the owners would have a lovely little upgrade to what is one of the worlds most beautiful cars ever.
    We're open to suggestion regarding it's value, so make us a (sensible) offer and perhaps it can go on your GTO!
    ROW: +44 1784 434395

    Iphone pictures below. Do get in touch if you want more information and pictures.

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