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    I owned a 99 E55 AMG and I really enjoyed it for a few years. Sold it basically because I wanted to try some other things, but now I miss having an AMG in the garage.
    I like the pre-compressor AMG sedans like the E55 up to 2001. The body was beautiful, and roomy.
    I am split between going back to late 90's early 2000's, or get into something newer, like mid 2000's to 2010's.
    at the same time I fear the hydraulics in the suspension in the newer models, but like the extra horses....
    Any opinions? Thanks.
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    Joe K.
    I just picked up a 2009 SL65 in August with RennTech tune. V12 twin turbo with 700hp and 900tq. Great Grand Tourer that will provide a lot of hurt to most cars out there. Yes, the ABC can be problematic but I bought a low mileage car with tons of service history and a very thorough PPI which uncovered a couple of things that were fixed by the dealer. Coming from a 360 to it was a little different since it is an entirely different class of car, but overall I enjoy it.
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    The supercharged 55 is great engine. If you find a car properly serviced, you will likely enjoy every mile of the supercharged E55 in W211 body. They just tend to be bought cheap at some point by people that have no clue. And this applies to both the States and Europe.

    Lightly hijacking the thread. The 1985 AMG 500SEL I had is the only 4-door car I deeply regret I sold. Its destination when new was Switzerland, so it came with several homologation booklets from Affalterbach (for each AMG part of the car, and one for the whole AMG equipped car - a Swiss thing). 199 Schwarzblau with tan leather, on separated heated/electric rear seats, making a 4-seater instead of 5. A rare option. The version-specific suspension by Bilstein and Eibach (each part was numbered AMG126xxx) was unbelievable. Almost no body roll. Sold it with 102 000kms (ca 65 000mls) on the clock.

    In the upcoming year RM is parting out a collection which included vintage AMGs. Worth having a look for every AMG fan. When I bought the SEL S-class I was shopping for a coupe SEC widebody in Switzerland, but nothing came up on the market back then.
    Several W126 widebodys but no sedans :)

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    mark k.
    Gorgeous car, the last truly best looking S-Class, IMO.
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    Thanks! I still can't believe how silly I was to sell it... My friend who bought it from me was a long time CEO of a foreign real estate company, based in Warsaw. Mainly focused on commercial real estate/skyscrapers etc. In his contract he had a S600L with chauffeur. He left it at the company parking lot and was riding around Warsaw in this. Thats the quintessence, and something quite nuts for Warsaw, I must say :)
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    This seems to be about bigger and older AMG cars but I just bought this AMG GT C roadster for my wife. She really wanted a Portofino but I really didn't want two Ferraris in the garage nor to wait for a year to get the Porto. So I asked her to consider other convertibles and so she did and decided she liked the AMG roadsters. We got a great deal on a fully loaded 2018 C roadster left over, they gave me a nice discount on the price and top trade in on the Maserati QP. Was pretty happy with the transaction and my wife loves the car. It's a good compromise for the price point. I think it's got some pretty nice features not found on the Ferrari Cali T or the Portofino that make it more of a DD which it is intended to be. Not that those cars can't be DDs but this one is definitely a DD.

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    gtc is v nice but why pick that over amg 500sl? yours has a soft top so is that an advantage over the sl folding hard top? does the gtc handle differently?

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