An deal nobody should pass up on!!

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by jordan747_400, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. jordan747_400

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  3. anotherguy

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Is it just me or does anyone else want to bid $1.00(Hey, I only agreed to pay $1.00 and they are legally obligated to fulfill their end of the deal when the auction closes) and have two idiots who will do whatever they are told(they said they will do anything you ask). Personally I would have them be my minstrals for a week. I think having two people following me around 24x7 singing about whatever I am doing would only lose its humor value after about a week or so.

    Things you could do with them:

    - Make them get your company name/logo tatood on their forhead

    - Turn them into your pet dogs. Get a racketball. Have them go everywhere with you. Instruct them that any time you throw the racket ball they have to run as fast as they can, pick it up with their mouth and run back to you with it. This will be most enterntaining at a bar, the mall or a local park with lots of real dogs.

    - Make on of them pretend to have torrets syndrome(nothing quite as funny as taking someone out in public(a library would be good, maybe a nice romantic restaurant) and have them screaming a string of 6-8 words that just don't belong together such as "Sh*t P*ss B*lls Bea Arthur Colostmy Bag." Now that I think about it, Bea Arthur and Colostomy bag kinda go hand in hand.

    - Whore them out to the rest of your neighborhood for lawn care, pool service, car washing, dog crap removal, etc. and make money off of them mooching of you.

    The amount of fun that could be had would be unbelievable .Yeah, I am evil when it comes to things like this, but than again in college I was my fraternities pledge trainer.
  4. 4re308

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    Mitch D
    Man, I can see where ebay is headed. Same place the DuPont Registy is headed, filled with garbage ads and bling bling. Ebay has become a haven for worthless crap, I hardly use it anymore because of stuff like that.

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