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    Steve Bisel
    As many of you know, about three years ago Ed China left Wheeler Dealers. I liked Ed China. Thought he was the real deal and believed that his replacement, Ant Anstead might not be up to the task.

    Well, I think I was wrong. Ant Anstead seems like the real deal. He knows his cars and over the last couple of years watching Wheeler Dealers from time to time, have grown fond of Ant Anstead.

    Fast forward to present. With the limited socialization during the COVID19 outbreak, I tuned in to Motor Trend On Demand. I have YouTube TV and it is included as part of the subscription. I believe if you have Hulu, Sling or Amazon Prime you can also watch it there. I watched a series called, "Ant Anstead Master Mechanic". On this 13 episode series, Ant takes the viewer through the complete build ... from scratch ... of a true to scale replica of the Alfa Romeo 158 Formula 1 Grand Prix car from the early 1950's.

    Here is a link

    Over the 13 episodes, Ant Anstead takes the viewer from this ...

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    and this ...
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    To this ...
    Image Unavailable, Please Login

    This guy is the real deal. I am believer.

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    Yeh I think he is too. He's got a real passion. He looks like a kid in a toy shop half the time!
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  4. rob

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    He's got a lot of energy that's for sure.
  5. Shark01

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    Jun 25, 2005
    I like Ant but quickly got bored of the show where he is building his own car.

    Great add to Wheeler Dealers though....
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    There's an old Discovery Channel series called done in 2003 called "A car is born". They started with a kit car project which went step by step process to make it and get the MOT for the UK

    Then they graduated to rebuilding and restoration of an MGB and then an E type. To me this was the basis of "Wheeler Dealers". The difference was that it took an entire season to find and restore the car and they didn't resell it in the end. But it was pretty entertaining and funny and there were two British guys (one who never talked) who did all the work, went to various small specialized vendors, and chatted about the problems they were facing, met with people who actually engineered or worked in the factories about the car, discussed decisions they had to make along the way, and explained how mechanical parts worked.

    Eventually they put together a kit plane (and went through to even get a pilot's license to fly it) and a helicopter. Its pretty interesting if you ever see it.

    However, Wheeler Dealers to me became much less interesting when they moved to California, which is where Ant lives with this American wife.
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    Thanks for that tip!

    I just started watching WD and really love it, also thought a lot of Ed.

    I will look for the newer episodes with Ant
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    That is sweet. I have YouTube Red and I wonder if that is included?

    You know what would be great?Ant Anstead and Ed China doing a show together. That would be epic. No drama reality tv bs just two people who are passionate about their wrenching.
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    There's a another one as well in UK called Car SOS about people who've become too ill to finish a restoration and they take their car away and finish it for them.

    Love ant, Ed but Fuzz is my favourite :)

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