any ALFA GTV6 guys?

Discussion in 'Other Italian' started by jbrosseau, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. jbrosseau

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    Nov 26, 2003
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    joe brosseau
    my cousin bill is getting ready to sell his 85' GTV that he bought new back then. he has kept the car in great condition considering it as a daily driver. it has had the motor rebuilt a couple times and alot of other regular replacements and such. anyway he bought a audi and is now gonna sell the alfa. i have always loved the gtv and said if he wanted to make his cousin a screeming deal i would buy it. so i was thinking of useing it as a track car or autocross car. or simply as a secondary toy to my 308.
    so my question it how do you alfa guys like your gtv's? and what should i look out for? thanks, joe brosseau
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  3. ferraripete

    ferraripete F1 World Champ

    i have always loved those cars! let me bigin by telling you that i have owned 3 different gtv-6's in various states of tune. they are very sexy to look at when lowered and the sound w/ headers and center resonator removed, is really out of this world!!

    when i had owned my cars, i had always changed to shankle headers, ansa exhaust, shankle cams, shankle torsion bars (fr) and springs (r). koni adjustable d on all corners. 16 inch wheels w/ good rubber is also a great addition, although, there may now be a better 17 inch set up for the alfa that will update the handling even more. as a note, compomotive mad e a sweet 5 spoke ferrari style wheel that looks really great. w/ these mods, the car becomes pretty peppy and really a great handler. i had never upgraded the brakes so i cannot speak to that. i would assume that w/ all the old milanos running around, there will ample bigger rotors, calipers and even a 3.0 liter or two.

    now, the main issue, or weak link in this car is the drive shaft. there are 3 rubber flex joints that lie at the beginning , middle and end of the drive shaft.
    they are prone to breaking durring hard speed shifting here! the head gaskets were problematic on my 81, but seemed a distant memory by 83.

    parts are plentiful and the drive line labor is pretty easy w/ a decent garage and some helpful friends. the cars a re a bit fragile compared to a 911 track car but not too bad when compared to other italian cars. they are really fun to drive hard and rerally reward the smmoth and ballanced driver. you will get passed by most cars in the straight line but will reel them back in the twisties.

    only 12 cyl ferraris will sound better!
  4. Zinhead

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    Feb 29, 2004
    Chicago, USA
    I owned a GTV6 for eight years and 100,000+ miles. They are great cars that are a pleasure to drive. However, they are relatively high maintenance compared to modern machinery. For more info on GTV6's, try and

    The biggest thing to look for is rust. Unfortunately, there are many potential rustspots on this chassis including sunroof, tailgate, bottom of the windhsheild, rocker panels, firewall and front suspension mounts, particularly under the expansin tank. If the body isn't rusty, the body and suspension is very tough and can last many years and miles.

    Mechanically, they are somewhat complex. Front suspension is A arms with torsion bars, rear is a deDion with integrated transaxle. Like most Alfa's, there is alot of body roll but the cars are setup for mild understeer. Handling is very predictable and safe, with no hint of drop throttle oversteer that contemporary Porsches, BMW's and Datsuns suffered. The steering is unassisted and offers feedback and control that modern cars can't touch. If Porsche's were designed for storming the Autobahn, Alfa's were designed for Italy's many narrow, winding B roads. For these situations, mild understeer with stable response is desired, and GTV6's are terrifically rewarding cars.

    The engine is an all alloy SOHC V-6 that makes 156hp stock. The quarter mile is in the low 16's. Like ferraripete said, the V-6 has a wonderful sound. A writer described the sound as ripping silk. When first introduced in 1981, the GTV6 was one of the fastest cars available new in the US. However, compared to modern machinery, they are relatively slow. Stock, it was about as quick as a normally aspirated 944 with little more top end power. If you want more power, the best route is to replace the 2.5L with a later hotted 3.0L. You can get around 220 hp reliably from the larger displacement unit.

    On the track, the biggest drawback other than lack of power is the braking system. The rear disks are mounted inboard on the transaxle, and will overheat and fade very easily. For an autocrosser, the cars are too big to be competitive but are fun nonetheless.

    85 is a good year with improved shifting, upgraded interior and improved air conditioner. The main drawback of that year is the metric TRX wheels which have probably been changed out for normal set by now.
  5. lukek

    lukek Formula 3

    May 2, 2003
    San Francisco
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    I had 3 GTV6s in my garage(s). Great cars, nice handling/comfort balance. I love the styling, but it does not have universal appeal. Yes, they can me maintenance intensive (rear brakes, guibos, early Bosch electronics, head gaskets, trim issues, hatch strut, leaking plastic coolant reservoirs, etc, etc.).
    Lots of thrills for the $. Great sounding V6. I even had one with a 3.0 litre swap and 164S cams.


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