Any tech gurus found an alternative for AMDS computer to activate tech procedures?

Discussion in 'British' started by Blacksport350, Aug 22, 2020.

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    Aug 22, 2020
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    Carl Jerritts
    I'm on a quest to find a reasonable way to activate special functions on Astons without an AMDS. Ferrari guys have the Launch X431 which seems to work great for their clutch bleed, shift adaptions, etc. I just demoed a Matco Maximus 3.0 (an expensive rebranded X431) and it worked great. I then bought the Matco Maximus Flex (still an upgraded Launch X431) and found the software versions to be old and not updatable so it only works as a code reader/clearer.

    So now I'm back on the hunt for a Launch X431 based rig with Aston Software Version 10.44 or an alternative. But I don't believe there is anything else other than the AMDS and X431 that can activate all the special functions.

    There are plenty of units like the Foxwell that claim to activate them but only SOME of the Launch X431 that I have actually seen do it. The one that worked was a Launch X431 based Matco Maximus 3.0 but it's a healthy $4,500. I bought the X431 based Matco Max Flew at $1,300 and it does not have the correct software versions for anything other than code reading/clearing.

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