Any triathlon/TT cyclists in the area?

Discussion in 'California & Nevada (Northern)' started by lateralus, May 17, 2009.

  1. lateralus

    lateralus Karting

    Sep 6, 2005
    Northern California
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    Figured there must be some serious cyclists on the board, looking for a used, newer model Cervelo P2SL or similar bike, wondering if anybody has any leads/suggestions as to where to look besides CL. thanks!
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  3. spg993tt

    spg993tt Karting

    Sep 10, 2006
    la la land
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    el guapo
    the p3c has tested materially faster than the p2s. worth a few bucks more if speed is what you seek.
    also, the ridely deans and look 596s have also show to run well in the wind tunnel.
    but position is everything.

    ebay is always a good source. or if you want newish, call brendan @ competitive cyclist and tell him steve referred you to him.
    they have a sick deal on a 56cm p3c with dura ace full kit. 3k. considering frame retails for 3300, thats a great deal.

    good luck. steve

  4. lateralus

    lateralus Karting

    Sep 6, 2005
    Northern California
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    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the response and referral, unfortunately the carbon frames are way out of my price range and I'm on a student budget (huge limiting factor). I'm definitely not at the point yet where I would benefit from the newest and shiniest bike, I've test-ridden a P2SL and I think it's more than enough bike for me, especially at this point in time. I'm looking for a used since the depreciation will these bikes fit more into my price range. Thanks again!

  5. Loz997S

    Loz997S Formula Junior

    Aug 26, 2007
    Bay Area
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    Laurence D
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    The bike aero (and the wheels for that matter) have hardly any benefit unless you are Fabian Cancellara.

    MIT did a test:

    75% of the drag experienced during cycling is caused by the resistance of the rider's body to the air.
    The bicycle itself accounts for 15-20% of overall drag.
    A wheel with a deeper rim than 50mm made virtually no difference for the average rider. Note that I said "average rider." At the speeds attained by elite cyclists, more sophisticated wheels such as a rear disk do save seconds.
    A non-aero helmet creates 4 times the drag of a non-aero wheelset. In other words, an aerodynamic helmet is actually more important than an aero wheelset.
    Proper affixing of the race number is important.
    Racing with your water bottle is actually more aerodynamic than leaving it off. Racing with your water bottle on the seat tube is more aerodynamic than with it on the down tube.
    Racing with gloves causes more drag than racing gloveless.

    Here are some specific time savings over a 40 kilometer time trial course based on measured data:

    6 seconds saved for optimized aero position on the bike
    5 seconds saved for racing with a water bottle as opposed to not taking it along
    4 seconds saved for an aero helmet over a standard cycling helmet
    3 seconds saved for an aero bicycle frame
    2 seconds saved for using aero wheels
    1 second saved for cleanup details (cabling, brakes, etc

    And Svein Tuft got silver in the worlds after riding the last 6k on a regular bike (after a flat) so even the pros might be falling for the hype a little :)
  6. lateralus

    lateralus Karting

    Sep 6, 2005
    Northern California
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    Cool! Thanks for sharing that.
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