Any1 know if Verizon wireless is adding GSM to their network?

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by ttforcefed, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. ttforcefed

    ttforcefed F1 World Champ
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    Aug 22, 2002
    would be great finally to be able to use a sim card with verizon.
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  3. Ike

    Ike F1 Rookie

    Nov 4, 2003
    I don't recall hearing anything about them adding GSM.

    If its going to happen though you can probably find out there.
  4. ILuv4Res

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    Aug 8, 2002
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    From what I understand, no, Verizon is CDMA and will be moving towards various generations of that technology. (Which is why a merger between them and Sprint would work)

    Cingular, AT&T (soon to merge) and T-mobile will be GSM.

    Various other regional carriers will also offer GSM.

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