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    For the most part
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    Since it's over, I can rag on the car....LOL!

    I noticed the interior too. That's the one reason I have not restored mine, is that I have no faith "they" (anyone) can "do it right" don't see any wrinkles in a stock Italian 308, they have it smoothed down and correct, my headrest are perfect, save from where some lard azz Tech smashed one with his weight. Must have been a big guy as he knocked the interior mirror off as well, after he snapped the Choke cable.....sigh.

    Final thoughts: Rust fix could have been as little as $2K, using Hot Rod vendors and blending the paint.

    Spare parts from FerrParts and TRutlands could have sorted the radiator/spare surround issue too, or possibly reworking whatever issue had impacted the install originally.

    As I mentioned I had to sort my ignition on #22127, as it came with shoddily installed MSDs that actually did not work, because of the install!
    So JRV sorted me out by revising the R1/R2 distributors to be single point only, and ditching the microswitch. After careful tuning (he was a glass spark plug kind of guy) it would even pass Smog Numbers, before the car went exempt in Texas. So, working with stock parts we made changes that were not very noticeable.

    Is the new owner here?

    I would say he's about $10K away in carefully spent money, from having this car sorted to pass judging.

    I always wanted to grab the MSD rep at the NHRA Drag Races, and BEG the guy to do a modern retrofit of the 308 ignition system!
    What a sweet thing that would be, to have a sanitary version of our North American dual distributor ignition, engineered to "modern times".

    I run the MSD "round coils" painted black, as the OEM ones are oil potted and "conventional wisdom" is they should not be horizontally mounted.
    Which Ferrari of course did on all of them.....

    *shrugs shoulders"

    I would think finding the OEM distributors and reworking then as described above would be the way forward.
    They work, they are tough.

    Rifledriver has the machine.
    He did the last set up on mine, it's perfect.
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    From the comments it sounds like it's headed to Europe, where this car is "well bought" compared to the dry sump (single distributor) GTBs there.

    I love mine but truthfully I am ready to drive a newer Ferrari.
    A 430 6 speed coupe would see me trading keys, I think.

    But of course jumping from an "upward price trend" to a downward one.
    Still, there's no sound like carbs and NON CAT exhaust!!!

    Congrats to the new owner and to the dealership.
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    I have a setup that uses a single distributor housing, an inexpensive cap and rotor and electronic pickup, with an MSD that also provides the advance curve. I'm using a single QV great. Just installed in on an engine rebuilt by rifledriver. Starts and idles well for an engine with 4 carburetors, AC on or off.
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    This was my old 308. I sold for the reason you mentioned, it was a lovely car but barely getting driven and a newer car gets used more often. Having said that I wish I had kept this car in hindsight and would have bought it back last week but not for 90k. The car was a great driver and I even took it on a tack day at Road Atlanta where it was faultless. Not sure why the newer radiator was fitted, there was never any overheating issues. The car paint looks the same as it did a decade ago and it had one respray back in the late 80's I recall. Engine was original. This car was serviced and maintained really well by all the owners before and after me that I talked to. I put on the Euro bumpers and they made a noticeable difference to the handling.

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