Anyone driving a red 355 hardtop in El Segundo/ Manhattan Beach this afternoon?

Discussion in 'California (Southern)' started by Viper 10, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Viper 10

    Viper 10 Formula Junior

    Nov 16, 2003
    Manhattan Beach, CA
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    Brad Chang
    ...on Sepulveda. Nice ride. Your car sounded pretty sweet.

    Sorry that I couldn't play, because I had my 5 year old in the car... as well as the fact that the car isn't even close to aligned (it's been in pieces in a body shop for the last 13 months). Suspension was pulled off of the car in an attempt to commit fraud to the insurance companiy (by a body shop).

    I've had the Snake for about 24 hours getting new shoes and the new cats welded in. It's is going back to the body shop on Monday for paint finishing, and the chassis suspension guy next week (after Viper Racing League event at Buttonwillow next weekend).

    Do you ever get that sled out to the track? I bet that it's a dream. See you around the beach!

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