430 Anyone recommend the Ferrari Genuine 1DIN Infotainment System

Discussion in '360/430' started by MVDESQ, Oct 9, 2021.


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    Matthew & Kristen V.
    I hate my 2005 factory Becker Bluetooth stereo and I am considering the Ferrari Genuine 1DIN Infotainment System (Clarion). My buddy recently put it in his 360. Is it an easy plug and play job or does it require a ton of harness work, etc. My car has the factory mic for the telephone and the phone on and off buttons on the console. I guess it needs to have the nav antenna added and a wire to do back up camera. Anyone do it and like it?

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  3. kes7u

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    Sorry. I don't have any help for you... But do you have any pictures of the unit? Very curious.

  4. goto35march

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    Jul 23, 2009
    i have the Ferrari Genuine 1DIN Infotainment System (Clarion). with the box any everything and i may be selling., are you interested? looks oem
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