Are window radar detectors worth having if I don’t do a full laser jammer install?

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    Jason Berkeley
    I run a Uniden R7 Extreme Long Range Laser / Radar Detector. Has built-in GPS so it knows where you are and if you stay current with updates, will notify you in advance of red-light cameras or non trap locations. You can also set filters for locations where it always goes off (say a shopping mall).

    Has dual antennas front and rear, and directional arrows pointing to where the signal is.

    Saves me on a weekly basis when I drive back and forth to and from NYC to our place up in the Berkshires.

    Picks-up the signal well over a mile away in real world use. In CITY mode it doesnt get false signalled by any cars on the road (like Hondas and Acuras did to my older Escort MAX. Drove me nuts, which is why I bought the Uniden R7 Extreme).

    Also drove across country from Vegas to NYC in our new AMG E63 wagon in the spring, and it was invaluable then as well while we "tried out" our new wagon.

    It will be the best $530 you ever spent. Dont see a need for the more expensive built-in units based on using the R7,
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    Waze and a window detector. Speaking from a So Cal point of view police who are interested in giving tickets use laser.

    Radar is pretty much a thing of the past. I’ve heard arguments against detectors as lasers are instant on. Lasers can detect speed from incredible distances so sometimes paying attention isn’t enough.

    They can still be effective as far as alerting you and maybe if you are going 19 over you will slow down in time if the police are looking for 20 over and you will avoid being stopped.

    Most police can’t tell when they are being jammed but a lot of the ones who use laser can tell and then you may end up with a speeding and a hammer ticket.

    Personally I use an R3 set up to pick up laser only. On road trips I’ll have my wife use her Waze along with the R3
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    Does the police officer using a laser gun have to be stationary? I am in NC and it seems that nearly every law enforcement vehicle has their Ka Band radar running constantly. Makes it rather easy to detect them. I also use Uniden R3’s in both my cars. I seem to recall only one incident where the laser indicator even went off. Anecdotally, Waze seems to have far fewer police alerts now compared to several years ago. I personally live in constant fear of a ticket. The laws in NC are onerous. The officer can charge you with a Class 3 misdemeanor starting at 15 mph over; plus they have broad discretion for reckless driving which is a Class 2 misdemeanor (up to 90 days in jail). It’s pretty much the worst place to speed outside of VA. Sadly, it often takes the spirit out of spirited driving.
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    Yes the police have to be stationary for laser. A lot of police out here (once again So. Cal,) have their radar units on all the time but you would have to appear to be fleeing from a crime to get stopped for speeding (talking about police and Sheriffs). Yes the CHP will monitor their radar but usually I see them stopped and using lasers.
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    R3s are now employing K-block with the latest firmware (1.5x), which notches out Hondas/Acuras. Same K-block notch filter that's in the R7.

    It won't shut out Mazdas and apparently Pacificas, nothing can, because their BSM runs at the exact same frequency as most K band gun starting freqs. Bought my R3 before the R7 was announced and have been tempted.
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    I was wondering what has been going on lately with a bunch of obviously false alarms on my V1. I noticed the other day that one was while catching up to and passing a Honda then it did it again with an Acura. I figured it was some kind of lane change thing. Now I know.
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    Ron H
    Depending on your device you should be able to have it adjusted to filter that out. I had that done on my K40 and dont receive any obvious false alarms.
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    I have a Escort 9500ci that also has "laser shifters". The whole unit is integrated into my 2013 F12 Berlinetta. Are laser shifters the same as laser jammers?

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    Here in BC, they don't use laser much. When they do its easy to spot them by eyeball. I've never seen it used in Washington State. Both places is mostly cops driving around with their KA on. In central Washington State, an area the state patrol often uses aircraft there. I drive through that section slowly if its day time.
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    It's called a "Bear in the air" LOL. The way to look out for aircraft police is to look for large painted white lines across the road. They will use a type of Vascar, timing you between the two white lines.
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    In 20 years in the Boston area I have only seen laser one time. I have been a longtime Valentine One user, switched to the Escort Max360 when it first came out, hated it, missed the arrows on the V1 -- the arrows on the 360 were largely useless, they would not change from front to back till well after you passed the radar source. I did buy a new V1 a couple years back, with the Bluetooth dongle, and I run a free iPhone app called V1Driver which remembers where the falses are via GPS and locks them out, so the V1 stays mostly quiet. Almost always Ka band in this area although some towns still run K band -- Norwell MA does, at any rate. The windshield detectors have plenty of range for regular radar without spending a fortune on the install. And if the installer for the radar is the one I'm thinking of in Boston, they quoted twice the price to install on a Ferrari as they did on a 911 so ...

    Anybody want a used Max360 ;)
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    I’ve had many RD throughout my life, my last one was a Beltronics STi mated to an AP laser jammer with 4 heads. All invisible That setup was about $2k. I find myself using Waze more than anything these days though.

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    What's the point? The only 'spirited' driving I do on the public roads is in the mountains.

    Guess that's why I have never gotten a speeding ticket in over 40 years on the highways.

    Getting a speeding ticket is on my bucket list : - ).

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