Are you thinking about Brembo or StopTech?

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    Got some info in from Brembo, really puts it into perspective why they are the among best brake companies in the world. Not trying to start a huge debate here, just passing their info along to anyone who is interested.

    Original Equipment Manufacturers Who Use Brembo Brakes:
    AMG Mercedes-Benz
    Aston Martin

    Original Equipment Manufacturers who use Stoptech brakes:


    Brembo Factory Equipped Supercars:
    Audi Le Mans
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ford GT
    Maserati MC12
    McLaren F1
    Mercedes McLaren SLR
    Porsche Carrera GT
    Nissan Skyline
    Saleen S7

    StopTech Factory Equipped Supercars:


    Brembo Dominated Motorsports:
    Formula 1
    World Rally Championship
    Champ Car World Series
    Indy Racing League
    American Le Man Series
    Grand American ROLEX Sport Car Series
    SPEED World Challenge
    FIA GT Championship

    StopTech Dominated Motorsports:


    -Brembos F50 style caliper weighs 7.4lbs unloaded. The StopTech copy weighs 7.9lbs.

    -The Brembo 355x32mm disc is what StopTech used to copy for their rotor. Whose kit will weigh less?

    -Brembo has over 400 engineers and Brembo owns their own foundries.

    -Brembo Foundries pour over 200,000 metric tons of steel every year making rotors.

    -Brembo Foundries pour over 7,000 metric tons of aluminum every year making calipers.

    -Brembo is ISO 9001 and StopTech is not.

    -Brembo is QS 9000 and StopTech is not.

    -Brembo has AVSQ 94 and 14001 Certifications and StopTech does not.

    - All Brembo parts meet TUV approval.

    - StopTech calipers are made of Squeeze Forged aluminum. What this means is the foundry does not know how to cast aluminum without porosity problems.
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    May 25, 2005
    Pretty sure they supply Fiat as well.
  3. heckler40

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    But that's like saying Bose is an awesome car stereo system. ;)

    The only bad experience I had (and it wasn't my system) with Brembo was a buddy of mine purchased a Brembo system for this Firebird (tracked it a lot). He had tons of problems with fade and overheating. After many calls with Brembo they threw their hands in the air and said the car was too heavy and refunded his money.

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    King Koopa
    I used to deal with Brembo all the time when I was at Stillen on their braking projects. Brembo is just 'that brand' that everyone thinks of when you say braking. Say sports car, many think Ferrari right away.

    Eponym? Maybe.
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    The Firebird IS (was) too heavy!

    I remember after an event at TWS, I saw a HUGE pile of cracked drilled rotors off the 'birds...

    I looked them over, shook my head and drove my T/A home...LOL!
  6. Matt Andrews

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    it says more to me that Brmbo bothered to put this list together. In all of my dealings with Stoptech, they sold thier products on thier own merit and delt with each car individually never taking the time to bash thier competition. In my opinion, Brembo does great work on production cars and custom race work. Thier bolt on aftermarket kits don't have the same level of engineering to make thier quality products actually work on the cars they are bolting them onto. Brake bias matters.

    I've actually raced cars that have had both manufactures stopping the race car. Brembo makes a good product. but that doesn't mean the stoptech's are crap.
  7. xavior

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    I will never stray from Brembo. There is nothing better IMHO
  8. F355Dan

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    Feb 1, 2007
    2 are a bit worng with your original info......

    dominated series spring to mind here...

    Champ Car World Series
    Indy Racing League

    All 3 of these were won on Performance Friction brakes.
    And ALL champ car teams use the complete Performance Friction setup, calipers, discs and pads!
  9. xavior

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    Would not help me any....

    Year: 1995 change
    Make: FERRARI change
    Model: F355 BERLINETTA change
    Engine: 3.5 FI change

    We are sorry, but no products were found that matched the vehicle you submitted
  10. F355Dan

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    Feb 1, 2007
    Thats great, go to Performance Friction direct and get them to make you a set-up that is used on the Scuderia Ecosse 430 FIA GT car :D.......just for the hell of it!

    Serious note though....they do pads for your application, in various compounds.
  11. velocityengineer

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    Eric Dahl
    Just to add another period to the argument...this is a Brembo press release from last weekend. Seems that they know how to do something right

    Italian Brake Manufacturer Also Wins in Australian F1 with Ferrari and in Atlanta with NASCAR

    SEBRING, Fl., March 18, 2007 Whether it was the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day or the excellent performance of the drivers, cars and teams, sports cars equipped with Brembo Racing brakes dominated the podium at yesterday's 55th Mobil1 Twelve Hours of Sebring, the inaugural round of the 2007 America Le Mans Series (ALMS).

    After supplying three of the ALMS class champions in 2006 (Audi, Corvette and Ferrari), Brembo repeated the performance at Sebring where the Audi R10s placed 1-2 in P1 with the #2 Audi of Frank Biela, Emanuele Pirro and Marco Werner finishing first overall in what most racers feel is the most difficult road race in the world.

    The class drawing the most interest this season is P2 where three new Acuras and two new Porsches have joined the two Penske Porsches that dominated the 2006 season. In fairly surprising fashion, the new Andretti Green Racing (AGR) Acura of Dario Franchitti, Bryan Herta and former IRL Champion Tony Kaanan, all seasoned open-wheel racers, drove a nearly flawless race to top the P2 podium in only its first outing. Coincidentally or not, the AGR Acura was the only P2 car sporting Brembo Racing's high-performance brakes!

    With 15 (all the Ferraris and Porsches) of the 18 cars in the competitive GT2 class, Brembo is virtually assured of repeating as GT2 champions as they were last year with Risi Competizione's Ferrari 430. Not surprisingly, it was the same Risi Ferrari driven by Jamie Melo, Johnny Mowlem and Mika Salo that was atop Sebring's GT2 podium, finishing 0.2 seconds ahead of the Flying Lizard and Tafel Porsches. A fantastic 1-2-3 finish for Brembo- equipped cars.

    Brembo's success this weekend wasn't limited to sports cars, though. The F1 World Championship opened in Australia with Kimi Raikkonen's Brembo-equipped Ferrari scoring a resounding victory. While in NASCAR races in Atlanta, Jeff Burton (Busch) and Jimmy Johnson (Nextel Cup) repeated last weeks' victories at Las Vegas giving Brembo-equipped cars four wins in each series to date. Johnson's victory gave Brembo's brand new NASCAR intermediate diagonal-bridge caliper its second win in a row.

    Four wheels or two, it's been a great start to the 2007 for Brembo Racing!

    -credit: brembo
  12. R33

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    Paul Creed
    Some of our boys over here in the UK have had some very good things to say about Stoptech. They regularly track (as you probably know, quite heavy Skyline R34's) one guy sprints with them, and they have had very good results. I have also seen reports of some serious brake fade with the Brembo's.
    Alot of the Skylines came with factory supplied Brembo's and a great number of them have been uprated with either Stoptech, AP Kits or Project Mu. So there are obviously issues somewhere.
    Saying that, Brembo are of course a very good Brand and in some peoples eyes, the best. What you subject your brakes to, and how well you follow the manufacturer's guidelines is a different thing.
  13. Ulmis

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    Apr 16, 2005
    MVP you forgot about MotoGP and WorldSBK :D
    Also Ducati and some japanese top bikes have Brembo.
  14. Moridin

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    May 14, 2007
    What a bunch of liars! The FLMS cars do not run Brembo calipers, pads, or rotors. Just look the cars up online to see. Come to think of it, I'm going to keep an eye out at Utah to see what cars are running what.
  15. TopElement

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    A Montoya
    Stoptechs are crap, plain and simple. Yes, they are on some low-level racecars, and yes you can find them on cars at Hot Import Nights. They are just fine for many cars to upgrade from stock 1 piston sliding calipers. Their calipers used to be made in China for pete's sake! Now they're made in Taiwan. Still want to use them? And do they forge their own calipers? Cast their own rotors with input from expert metallurgists? They just machine some hats and brackets, and put up articles to make people believe they're buying F1 parts. To see them behind the wheels of a Ferrari is just sad.
    Brembo and AP Racing are the only components to use for serious cars. The engineering and expertise of the best companies just can't be matched. Off the shelf kits might not be exactly perfect, but putting a system together from their catalog of parts will blow away the competition.
  16. Viper 10

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    Brad Chang
    Excuse me but what got your short in a bundle about Stop Tech? For one thing it is obvious that you have never driven on a track and compared Brembo to Stop Tech. You are spewing the typical crap that Brembo loves to spread about them and yet when it comes down to outright performance Brembo and AP are usually outdone by Stop Tech.

    How can you compare these two companies to begin with? Brembo is tha largest brake manufacturer in the world and they focus 98% of their business being an OE supplier with extremely high volumes. Very little engineering is dedicated at Brembo to the after market, because they depend on tuners to adapt their brakes to a specific car. Notice that I did NOT say engineer or design for the after market? Brembo sponsors teams to race their products and racers pay for Stop Tech brakes because they work and perform as advertised. Stop Tech does not have the deep pockets that Brembo has to sponsor entire race series' and to sonsor an entire field of racers. These two companies are on opposite side of the spectrum and you are a fool if you think that they are direct competitors.

    Every tuner on earth sells AP and Brembo because they are well recognized for their successes in the OE world and their race marketing success. If Stop Tech are so crappy, then why did Paul Mumford kick everyone's a$$es in Speed Challenge with Stop Tech's.

    I have over 35 years of track experience and I must state that Stop Tech truly walks the walk when it comes to performance. They kick the crap out of Brembo in the BMW, Audi, Corvette & Viper world without much trouble. The Brembo's that were OE on my Viper boiled fluid after 5 laps at Buttonwillow Raceway and reached running temperatures in excess of 1,200 degrees C. The pedal feel and brake modulation was horrendous and they faded like crazy. Don't ever try to compare an OE Brembo brake set up to a brake systems that is designed and engineered for track and street use.

    On the other hand, Stop Tech designed a superior system for all of the cars that I mentioned. I have not seen a single instance on the track where Brembo outperformed Stop Tech when stress tested. Under the same testing, the Stop Tech's heated up to 790 degrees on the same day. Wherever Stop Tech chooses to play, they always design their brakes to blow away Brembo in all categories (especially price). By the way, Stop Tech is the defacto standard upgrade for all Corvettes and Vipers who actually drive their cars and aren't looking for the Bling factor.

    As for your comments about manufacturing in the Orient, I must once again say that you are full of crap and drinking your own Kool Aid. I am a part owner of a ISO 9001/TS certified stainless steel factory in the Orient that supplies companies like Proton, GM, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda and many more with exhaust systems. I can state that there is not a single well known after market US domestic exhaust manufacturer that can touch our quality using robotic TIG and SS casting... this is what folks like Edelbrock, Corsa, Borla, Gale Banks and many more have told us when they saw samples of our work. When it comes to price performance and quality it is hard to touch the newer generation factories in the Orient which blow away everything in the US as well as most of the factories in Europe.

    The bottom line is that you better get your butt out on the track to see what an after market Brembo does compared to their OE stuff and then compare the performance to Stop Tech. I have used Stop Tech on my daily driver 1996 Viper GTS Coupe (that also goes to the track 5 times each year) for the last 8 years. I have also driven AP, Alcon, Brakeman, Wilwood and Brembo equivalents and Stop Tech wins. I can take the exact same trail and threshold braking lines (on any technically challenging tracks) as any 996 Turbo, 360, 430, 575 Ferrari any day of the week and be out there long after they overheat their wonderful Brembo brakes.

    Please stop spending so much energy in trying to trash Stop Tech and understand that companies like theirs makes companies like Brembo better because of the competition. You also show how bigoted your allegiances are to labels and name brands versus form and function.

    Brembo is a marketing machine of a company and Stop Tech is an engineering company. You will NEVER see the use of an adjustable proportioning valve inserted into a Stop Tech designed brake system. Can you say the same about the other manufacturers that I have mentioned? Do you even know what an adjustable proportioning valve is for?

    Lastly, try to get any find of support from Brembo for an after market application and they will laugh at you, refer you back to the unqualified tuner (who you wasted money with) and hang up. The guys at Stop Tech have impeccable support and I will also add that they are folks that are accountable to their customers and have the highest integrity.

    I am not trying to pick a fight here, but I did want to share with you my first hand track and street experiences with Brembo and Stop Tech... which seems to be missing in this lopsided thread.

    If any of you would like to take this discussion off-line or have any specific questions, please feel free to email me at .

  17. TopElement

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    A Montoya
    Says it all.

    Seems like StopTech has a great marketing system, congrats to them. They convince a lot of people, and make money from it. Nothing wrong with that.

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