Arexons 4706 52 A 43 Equivalent

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by cshapard, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. cshapard

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    Looking for an equivalent to the prescribed Arexons product for the damper fastening screw when doing a timing belt service. Looks to be a Euro product that has very little availability in the US. Any word on what others have used and if there is a Loctite equivalent product? Much appreciate any feedback and what others have used successfully.

    Bonus question: Shell Helix 5w40 seems to no longer be in production, my plan is to go with Mobil 1 when I replace engine oil as that's got a great film strength and same weight. What have others used?

    This is for a 2006 612 and a 2001 456.


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  3. cshapard

    cshapard Rookie
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    There's already a ton of info on the engine oil debate across the forum so no need for the bonus question unless you're so inclined!
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    Gotta remove it in the future? Loctite 242 blue formula.

    Want it to stay put forever unless heated red hot? Loctite 271 red formula.
  5. cshapard

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    Thank you! I'll go with 242 and hope the previous person didn't go with 271 :)

    Appreciate it!
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