A's put in a bid to buy land to build a ballpark

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    This looks to me like the A's are moving to Vegas. Why would they put in an offer to buy a property if they were not going to move?

    A’s put in offer on potential Las Vegas ballpark site

    The Oakland Athletics have put in an offer on a plot of land in the Las Vegas Valley where they could potentially build a $1 billion ballpark, team president Dave Kaval said Friday.

    Kaval didn’t specify where the land is located, but noted the bid to try to secure a site signals things are getting more serious on the Southern Nevada stadium front.

    “We’re kind of moving from a phase of research/data gathering to action around a final site,” Kaval told the Review-Journal Friday afternoon. “That’s really important because the site selection is a really critical path to keep the process moving forward to where we could have a holistically blessed project.”

    Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred gave the A’s the green light in May to begin exploring Las Vegas as a potential relocation market. Team officials have since made multiple trips to the area to view prospective sites and meet with key stakeholders and elected officials.

    Kaval said A’s brass would be back in the Las Vegas Valley in December and would be back every two to three weeks thereafter.

    With things progressing more quickly than team officials had expected, Kaval said the final site could be publicly announced at the beginning of 2022.

    The A’s will need to present MLB officials with a relocation plan once the final site is chosen and they work with area business leaders and officials on a possible financing plan.

    “How it works, how it’s financed, any public-private partnerships, all the aspects and why we think it works in the marketplace,” Kaval said. “We’re building toward that with all these steps.”
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