Attorney recommendation for speeding ticket in Nebraska

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    My daughter was driving back to Chicago form Boulder after a clinical rotation for dental school. She got a speeding ticket near Lincoln, NE 92mph in a 75mph zone.

    I am hoping to find an attorney who can get this taken care of at a reasonable cost so that it does not affect her insurance premiums (she is 25 years old).

    Any recommendations? You can email me directly

    Thanks in advance.
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    Another happy Dad! In 3 years my 2 daughters trashed 4 cars! one daughter totaled 2 cars on her fault. I pulled her out of the insurance and car subsities. Done! she now pays for everthing.

    The other trashed 2 cars not of her fault. Some texting jerks ramed into the car's rear both times. Cars totalled in both case in 4 months interval. she was just not lucky.

    Now it has been all good for 1 year or at least I dont hear or get 2AM phone calls about . horror stories.

    Hang in there..

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    North of Lincoln, along I-80? That's an infamous speed trap. The Super Speeders guys got pulled over there and the whole thing was documented on one of their DVD's. Every time I go back to Lincoln, there are at least 2 - 3 cars pulled over there, no matter the time of day.
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    The original police interaction application. Police accountability through citizen engagement and education. - Oh Crap App!

    an interesting app for the more serious offenses... kind of a AAA for violations... one stop for getting out of deep do-do... lots of good info, just from reading their web page... when they first started they were pretty much local, just checked it out and they have expanded their coverage coast to coast

    check it out, is their url... which changed to the line of text above when I first posted
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    Agreed that less than 20 over is usually not too bad. That can be dealt with by taking traffic safety school and paying the ticket. Also a much better lesson for her to learn as a young adult rather than how can daddy get me out of trouble instead of taking responsibility for her actions.

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