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Discussion in 'Other German' started by smg2, Aug 21, 2004.

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    okay i just bought the A8L, and talking with the owner of the dealership he mentioned he's going over to germany to get further info on the le mans quattro. apperantly he is getting a small allocation and all spots are not filled yet. i said put me on the list and let me know when you need a deposit, spring of 05' will be deposit time.

    i did this based on looks alone, the thing looks real sweet and he said the expected pricing to be in 90-100k range. however this car is still 2yrs out, am i crazy to consider this? i thought getting in now was a pure stroke of luck so i jumped. i realise that nothing is firm at the moment but if this car becomes tangable then i'm excited. any body know anything more than whats on Audi's site?

    he mentioned that it has to be positioned below the gallardo to not compete directly with it. i had asked him if i could purchase lamborgini's through him to which he said yes i could, then told me of the le mans and the gallardo they are getting next month that i can come look at.

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