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Autobody shop recommendations in AZ anyone?

Discussion in 'Arizona & New Mexico' started by 1975gt4don, Dec 18, 2003.

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    Do you or know anyone who has any recommendations on a body shop in the Arizona area, like Phoenix, flagstaff or Scottsdale, that you would recommend for someone wanting a bare metal respray of a 1975 308 GT4 w/some rust repair work needed? Have you heard about

    I am in San Diego and I don't want to waste time hauling my GT4 out to the Scottsdale area to Elwoods if they are not a very good quality shop. I will rely heavily on any of your inputs or if you know of a better shop that isn't way overpriced. Elwoods rate is $40/hr. That is reasonable IMO compared to SoCal and they are all backlogged 2-3 months out here with $55-60/hr on up.

    I was recommended to that shop by G.T. Carparts in Phoenix. Thanks in advance!!

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