Availability of 2016+ California T's with CPO in Northern California?

Discussion in 'California/Portofino/Roma' started by SVCarEnthusiast, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. SVCarEnthusiast

    Jan 14, 2020
    Los Altos
    I'm in the market for a 2016-2017 California T and it seems like none of the listed models from Ferrari Silicon Valley have CPO, but a lot of similar cars from the Southern California dealerships are being offered with CPO.

    How big of a price premium should I expect for CPO?

    Should I look at purchasing the car in Southern California but having it serviced up here at Ferrari Silicon Valley?

    Would love to hear from anyone with recent experience making these tradeoffs. Thanks!
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  3. DavidPutty

    DavidPutty Karting

    Jan 19, 2020
    Del Boca Vista
    I believe it's $950 for an inspection and $4500ish per year for the warranty. Unlike most other makes the cpo warranty is not automatically included. It is added to the purchase price. Sometimes they run "deals". When I bought my car it was two years for the price of one.

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  4. FrancisK

    FrancisK Rookie

    Oct 22, 2021

    Interesting, did you seek out the deal or did your dealer just happen to be running it? I need to extend mine in the spring…
  5. GameBuoy

    GameBuoy Rookie
    Silver Subscribed

    Oct 21, 2021
    Coral Gables, FL
    It's my understanding that, when you purchase an F-car that is under its initial three-year warranty (used or new) from a dealer you can then choose to buy the extended warranty to cover two additional years (bringing it to five years). The price is ~$4500 as DavidPutty mentioned.

    However, if you do not purchase the extended warranty at time of purchase of the car, you can still purchase it later (as long as the car is still under its original three-year warranty) but the price is double (or ~$9k).

    This applies to new purchasers as well, meaning not just the original owner. You can buy a used F-car from your dealer that is a year old, drive it for another year, trade it in and the dealer can then sell it to another owner who can then opt to buy the two additional years of extended warranty (for ~$4500).

    It's nice for resale but if you aren't going to keep the car long, might as well let the next purchaser buy it.
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  6. murdie

    murdie Rookie

    Sep 6, 2021
    Lost in endless fires of mordor, i.e California
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    Paul M
    I just helped a friend buy one from a CA dealer. I did alot of leg work nationally to get him what he wants. He lives in northern CA. the problem with nothern CA is there hasn't been alot of colours except silver and black for last 3 months.

    given i been tracking the market for 3 months if i had to buy in southern california and you only wanted to deal with offical ferrari dealers. I prioritse New port beach, san diago and rancho mirage (palm springs) from a price perspective. since these dealers are about 11-13hrs drive from the bay area. and your willing to consider f.dealers in that range in that distance and don't mind the 2-3K registration supplement to register it as a ca car. also look at salt lake city and portland (ron tomkin although his stock is verry limited its a smaller dealer imho in america), las vegas (vegas worries me for all the rental companies and experiences they have).

    the trinity of la dealers which are actually together have a premium price mark up from what i see. these are westlake, south bay and beverly hills I stayed away from these dealers on a price perspective.

    once you realise that most colors arent found in northern calfornia and look nationally i got good vibes from cauley ferrari as unlike most dealers they seem to offer their cars with 2 year warranty included. this is always worth asking so although their prices seem inline with other dealers nationally once you deduct the 4.5-5K most dealers quote for the warranty this doesn't seem bad. the only issue is whether that car might have been out in salt road in early spring and late autumn.

    Florida cars seem to have the most abuse (interior wear and tear) and from my perspective i think there cars suffer most from sticky buttons. I believe this is because of plasticazation from high heat and high humidty on the Tg of the soft touch plastic coating, cars from low humidity environments i think have less issue with this.

    you have to understand ferrari made about 2500 cars world wide i think america is tiped to about 50% of those cars but who knows. in which case there are only 1250 car nationally if your shopping for 2015-2017 thats 3.5K cars nationally. and due to market with covid the dealers are telling me they have about 1/2 of the normal stock on sale compared to precovid. thats what made me realise maybe start looking nationally.

    the premium fro getting an out state car i think i worked out at 6-7K, 2-3K for registration to CA car and 2-3K for car deliver. hope this helps.
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  8. murdie

    murdie Rookie

    Sep 6, 2021
    Lost in endless fires of mordor, i.e California
    Full Name:
    Paul M
    #6 murdie, Dec 18, 2021
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2021
    ohhh CPO K

    california dealers it's confusing. The car is still a cpo car from their point of view but in general after the first 3 years, none of the california dealers will offer ferrari power warranty included in the price. they want roughy 4.5-5K (the inspection is about 500 if accepted its 4k for the warrenty) to put it through the power warrenty certification inspection and have ferrari make a decision on it. As ferrari has final say on what cars will be covered by a power warrenty not the dealers.

    So dealers still think of the car as a cpo kinda when selling it as well they are selling it especially if they own it. be awear some client may get ferrari dealer to sell it but its not owned by them they are brokering the deal (consignment).

    What you might be referring to is either cars under the original manufacturers warrenty (3 yr) or for cars older than this car with the power warranty included. (hence my comment above about cauley ferrari detroit). Sometimes the dealers will sell a car with say a year of warranty remaining but generally this means to me that the original owner had some warranty remaining and it transferred with the car, not the owner. as such the dealer hasn't paid for the power warranty or its inspection.

    in the later case independents and off-network can be found with some ferrari power warranty remaining but you need to ask that dealer as alot of times no power warranty is listed on the website unless that dealer knows the value of this.

    so what is a ferrari power warrenty you might ask?
    well its a warranty that offered from ferrari dealers @ point of sale if purchased covers basicly the mechanicals of the cars except consumables and seals NOTE doesnt cover trim or leather (i.e dash shrinkage). when your offered it at time of sale you get 2 years for the price of 1. warning if you go back post sale to get it won't apply.

    after sale and the warrenty period its 4k every year to renew. off-network cars can come into the fold again but you need to pay for inspection and wait for the all-clear from ferrari corporate if the cars in an accident or over 35000 miles it probably won't qualify unless it's had warranty upto this point.

    so what you might be referring to is a cpo car with (some or all 24mths) power warranty on cars after 3 years old included. but really its kinda cpo but you need to pay 4-5K generally to have the warrenty added especially in the covid/chip market many dealers won't give it. so just negotiate it into any non cpo car disscusions if that makes sense to make it cpo kinda in the sense that your thinking about it or at least that's what I believe.

    In the senario you mentioned above I would would take a non warrenty car from a but add the f power warrenty at point sale if anything happens on the drive upto to bay area ferrari will flat bed it to a garage to be repaired (excluding consumables). If you where to by a car from off network which had some power warrenty remaing you could still do this and have it covered to take it to the nearest dealer with a flatbed if needed. however, you need to factor in if you want a warrenty going forward its 4k per year so car better be more than 4K of the list of as comparable in network car with a warrenty bought on top.

    motorenn in LA (off network car) had some cars recently that had about 8months of power warrenty remaining listed in the ads so keep an eye out. don't know if i can do links but i try, this is an example see bottom of the ad "8,337 miles. 2 keys. Power warranty remaining until June 2022." this car is in LA

    2016 Ferrari California T | Motorenn
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  9. mcw

    mcw Karting

    Aug 10, 2008
    I bought a 2016 Cali T in April 2021. Worked with Ferrari Newport Beach, Ferrari Beverly Hills, and Ferrari San Francisco to obtain a CPO car with California history. It took about six months from search start to car in garage. Color selection takes a while to find for what you like when the total number of cars produced is so small and the number for resale is small as well. For example, about a quarter of the cars are white and a quarter are red, that leaves a smaller population to wait for if you don't want those. The silvers are about a quarter as well.

    All three dealerships put me into decent working relationship with a sales person (and two of the three I would be happy to engage again). When the right color combo entered inventory, the dealer informed me and I waited until the CPO process was completed for the person providing the car. That process of repairs and parts replacements took about six weeks to bring some elements of the car into the CPO status level. At time of deal I got two year extension of warranty for $3600 ($1800/yr). I got a car sold new from Newport Beach, owned and used locally, and continuing locally for me. I wanted a California car with a Ferrari dealer handling the smog certification so no troubles at sale would occur. I've also tended to buy California used cars most of my life. My understanding is the Cali T is made 50-state smog legal so any F-car main dealer CPO should have been fine, but I just did not want any surprises in the purchase and was willing to wait for right combo in California.

    The dealer CPO cars are towards the top third of the price band. Those cars get a little bump due to dealer association, a bump due to the costs to bring cars into CPO status, and a bump because people like me want the CPO step.

    Anyway, I'm happy as a clam with the result.
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