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    Anyone have experience with Baldhead Cabinets?

    After extensive search deciding between Baldhead, or custom built? Lista is great, but may be too much over the top for my needs. Have Moduline in track trailer, but for me, not suited for garage. Not much info on garagejournal or searching other sites. Thoughts?


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    I think that Baldhead's quality is probably superb. I have never actually seen their cabs in the flesh, but metal samples they sent me were impressive, both for their gauge and the quality of the powder coating. I designed a system for my garage with their cabinets, but ultimately shelved these plans due to the many $K cost, which I could not justify. Thus began a year-long search for a cheaper alternative. I also looked at Moduline and Lista, as well as the very low end of the spectrum, eg Gladiator, Craftsman, etc, which were mostly junk. I stumbled on, a one-man operation based in Reno, so I was actually able to go and look at the installed product. The stuff is Chinese made, and you must assemble it, but the quality was high, esp the powder coating, and the assembly was easy; the cost was 10-15% of what Baldhead would have been. Unfortunately it's only available in slate grey, at least when I did my project a year ago. Check out his website- my installation is the first one shown in his gallery. I wish I could have justified the $ for Baldhead, but I'm very happy with the garages101 product.
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    I was a Lista dealer for 16 years and have installed over 1000 of their cabinets. They're here on the East coast which was a plus for me....fewer miles transported usually means less chance of damage.

    Without rambling on, I installed mostly base cabinets in home garages with countertops and did a fair amount of storage wall. My "go to" width was their Mid-width models (47" wide by 28" deep). I'd mix in a few smaller cabinets and Lista as plenty of other widths to choose from (Baldhead does not). One thing Lista did not do well was tall hinged doors on their shelf cabinets and storage walls. If you have a lot of tall locker style cabinets in your plan, go with Baldhead.
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