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Discussion in 'Europe' started by ferrari_e_basta, Feb 2, 2004.

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    Helmut Schnug

    I don't think this info may interest anybody on the European forum but anyway, please note the last press release of the new Barron Connor Racing team:

    FIA GT champion partners Bosch and Sullivan in Ferrari 575 GTC
    Thomas Biagi joins Barron Connor Racing

    The Barron Connor Racing team has signed Italian Thomas Biagi to race in the Sebring 12 Hours, the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Le Mans Endurance Series, partnering John Bosch and Danny Sullivan in one of team's two Ferrari's 575 GTC.

    "We were looking for the best and they don't come much better than the current world champion", John Bosch said. "We are very happy to have Thomas joining us. Both as a person and as a driver, he very much contributes to our team's goals and objectives. He is fast and a pleasure to work with. And, having won the FIA championship in a Ferrari 550 last year, he of course brings a lot of highly relevant experience to the team."

    27-year old Biagi from Bologna (Italy) is equally pleased: "I am delighted to race with the Barron Connor team this year. I very much like John and his people, who make me feel very welcome. They are very serious about achieving their ambitions. The team is extremely professional, with highly skilled people and phenomenal facilities. I am happy to be partnering John, the reigning FIA Sportscar champion, and Danny, who is of course highly experienced. For me, to race the new Ferrari 575 GTC in the most prestigious sports car races, is exiting as well as an honour. Sebring is a legendary event, Le Mans is the most important race in the world and the new championship will be a true classic."

    The Barron Connor Ferrari's 575 GTC are now being prepared for the 52nd Sebring 12 Hours. "We are impressed by Ferrari's support and the calibre of MilanTech and N-Technology", John Bosch explains. "Their level of professionalism is very motivating. We have long term ambitions and the potential that has now been created is fantastic. We are talking to many drivers about the second 575 GTC that we are running, and are also very pleased by the interest shown from renowned technical partners. We expect to be able to present more details before testing the cars prior to leaving for Sebring."
    Thanks for your attention.
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    Think this does interest us :D !! Tnx for the press info! Will also make a post about it on my site!!

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