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Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Pantdino, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Yesterday I used a bathroom scale and a piece of 2x4 to estimate / measure the clutch effort on my 246 and Pantera.

    The 246 seemed to be about 30 lbs, the Pantera 50.
    This would agree with my "leg-o-meter" feel for the proportionate effort felt in depressing them.

    Both seemed to increase (to 40 and 60) near the bottom of the throw, but this might have been due to measurement error, as at that point the force being applied was no longer perpendicular to the clutch pedal lever arm.

    My leg-o-meter estimated the 360 6-speed to be about the same as the Pantera, but the latter had a much longer throw (at least twice as long).

    I realize there are all kinds of possible errors in using this technique, but both were done with the same scale, 2x4, and operator holding the scale the same way. The numbers noted were measured at rest in a steady state at a certain position. Obviously the number will increase when you are in the act of depressing the pedal because that will be affected by how fast you do so.

    Anyone want to break out their scale and try it on your car just out of curiosity?
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