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  1. EVILZ33

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    Feb 2, 2007
    i think with the loss mostly because of grossman i think he is really gonna take it to hear next year and try that much harder and bmw yea with brown and harris back that will be awesome but if we dont have the mastermind rivera to lead us in the defence department i think it will hurt the bears alot
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    Oct 30, 2006
  3. jsnazzy

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    Bookmarked for next season :D

    As far as this seasos ending :(

    I could not sleep last night

    But, at least we won the NFC championship.

    Somone needs to tech Rexy how to read, and throw accurately

    Our D played there heart out, to have the game thrown away by #8 :(
  4. AKain

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    Oct 16, 2005
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    I will go against the common thread of thought and say that, I believe the reason for the Bears' SB loss, was not Rex's. However, he did have a large part in it, the way it played out.

    The largest part of the problem, the way I see it, was coaching.

    The Bears' defensive strategy held to the soft old "Cover 2," that the Bears have been struggling with, instead of playing more aggressively, as they did with the Saints. Prevent defenses, only prevent winning.

    The offense, did not stick with the running game. I know that Benson got hurt early, but Thomas barely got winded, playing out the rest of the game, by himself. Eventually our O-Line would have worn their D-Line down. We had the early lead, all they had to do was play it conservative on the offense. Put just about anybody in a passing contest against Manning and the Colts and you will lose.

    Aggressive defense + Conservative offense = WIN

    IMO, Lovie and his sub-coaches blew it !!!
  6. EVILZ33

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    Feb 2, 2007
    usually they are really good and i still heart lovie i saw a hoodie that said it really funny
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    no significant changes were made in the second half. The D allowed peyton to march down the field with his 12 play drives and 8 yard passes. I understand they didnt want to give up the long ball, but when you let the offense get comfortable, you're going to lose. Theres a reason lovie wasnt given his extention before the playoffs.
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    IMHO....except for Devin Hesters fantastic opening punt return, none of the Bears were playing Championship ball that day....Not even Urlacher! And that is certainly not par for the course for him! There was NO Offense, No Defense, No Pass protection....Nothing!! And, ofcourse, the rain didn't help. But it certainly didn't seem to hinder Indianapolis as mush as it did the Bears. I suppose that the hungriest team for the Super Bowl trophy won. was Almost as if Lovie told them all to play crappy so that his mentor's team would win. It was that bad!

    But....I still love the Bears. Hey, just as the little Bears (Cubs) say year after year after year...."Maybe next year!"....;)
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    Ben was good during his first couple years although his team won the SB in spite of him. However, he's fallen off the map a bit this past sesaon, but of course there have a been a lot of changes. It's too early to call him a franchise QB at this momemt imo.

    Yes, the Bears defense was playing very soft coverage hoping that Peyton would throw deep. Instead, this resulted in fewer Bears' guys putting pressure on Peyton (Urlacher had to basically play in the secondary and tipped passes vs. pass rushing) and Peyton just took what the Bears gave him. Basically short passes and that was it.

    I was hoping the Bears would come out and play a very aggressive style on defense since it is the Superbowl after all. It was theirs to take, but they were playing it like someone would give it to them.
  10. AKain

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    Oct 16, 2005
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    The worst time I saw the Cov 2 fail during the game was the R. Wayne TD pass.

    Who the hell was on him?

    I believe Harris was supposed to be.

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