Belated THANK YOU to Sport Auto in North Carolina

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ricambi America, Oct 25, 2004.

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    Last week I ran into all sorts of trouble getting my car properly ready for a track day at VIR. After working unsucessfully at two local establishments, I finally decided to call Tom Jones at Sport Auto in Summerfield, North Carolina. (At first, I was reluctant to call them because they have limited service throughput, I didn't buy my car there, and I didn't want to bother the folks whom I consider to be "experts" with my dinky little 348)

    WOW. What an experience!

    Via telephone, Tom let me know that he'd be happy to mount some new tires -- I just needed to have them shipped directly from TireRack to the shop. (BTW, I bought Sumitomo's, and I AIN'T convinced of their track worthiness!) Next, I needed a brake flush and a basic tech inspection. At the time, Sport Auto had a TR on their only rack for an engine out service. Additionally, they had another slew Ferraris and Lamborghinis blocking the way for my car to get into service.

    They lowered the TR onto a dolly, wheeled it away. Then they wheeled away it's hulking flat-12. They pushed/drove/moved all the other cars away. With hardly any advance notice, they did all this stuff on Thursday afternoon, just to help me get on the track Friday morning.

    It gets better.... when I arrived to get the car on Thursday evening, Tom, Steve Jones, Jim, and Darrell were all happy to talk about the inspection and spend plenty of time with me. Maybe they were bored or something, but it REALLY seems like they care about their work, and want to make every customer feel special. We probably spent another hour poking around the underside of my car and talking about reasonable wintertime projects to offset a hard summer of driving.

    Needless to say, I had a great time on Friday at VIR. Without their help and willingness to accomodate me, I'd never have been safely cleared for the track. Thank you Sport Auto ! If you'll have me back, I'll make advance reservations next time. Although I can't drop the cash for a new Murcie, you can bet my next Ferrari search (and service) will involve Sport Auto.

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    We hear so many complaints, that it's always refreshing to hear positive experiences like that. Seems like Sport Auto is a first-class outfit. Thanks for posting.
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    Sweet. Nice to hear about those good experiences. Ive heard nothing but good things about them!!!

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    I purchased two Porsches from Darrell Kimrey (Sport Auto's Sales Manager) when he was at Foreign Cars Italia. I also sold him a Porsche after he left for Sport Auto. Darrell is a great guy to work with - a total straight shooter - and I would highly recommend doing business with him.

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