Bent e-brake handle... or not?

Discussion in '308/328' started by ramosel, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. ramosel

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    R Moseley
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    I've started the "gut out" of the interior on my 308 for complete refurb. One of the things I had on my list to fix or replace was a (supposed) bent emergency/parking brake handle. Being an engineer, I noticed the offset of the e-brake handle in the console and the spacing on the sliders and switches that correspond. Since my e-brake handle did not align with (presumed corresponding) spacing, I thought it was bent. I was going over to FerrParts this week to dig a straight one out of one of the cars they are breaking. But then, John Youngdahl came by yesterday morning to show me his Euro front end conversion so I took the opportunity to look at his interior closely as well. Hmmm... His e-brake handle seems to be bent EXACTLY the same as mine?? Or is it?

    So my question is: Are these bent since they were installed or were they all bent this way from the factory? Should they drop vertically over the switch/slider void or should they curve towards the driver? Should I try to beat John to FerrParts for a straight one?? <grin>

    Thanks for any responses or pictures!
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  3. miketuason

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    Yes, they look bent to me, they didn't cam out of the factory like that,
    Somebody must have pulled the lever a little too hard at one time. You
    should be able to straighten it back no problem.
  4. mwr4440

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    Mark W.R.
    Mine is bent like that too but not quite a bad.

    Some previous ham-fisted ya-hoo trying to engage a non-working from the factory, hand break.

    I'm just going to leave it as "patina" as all my leather is brand new.
  5. Mike C

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    They are SUPPOSED to be leaning towards the driver! That's as-designed, so that when an average height driver looks down at the switches, it VISUALLY fills that 'gap' from the driver's viewing angle, NOT lined up vertically directly ABOVE the gap. Here's a page out of the factory brochure... you can see it.

    I know a guy who tried to bend it back because he was sure it was supposed to be parallel to the sides of the console. Bad news! Another example of not always believing what you read on FChat, I'm sorry to say...
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  6. Neonzapper

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    Oct 19, 2008
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    I think if it were straight, it would interfere with the ashtray area. Also, I'm guessing one reason it was made diagonal is to light the whole switch area below.
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