Best driving roads around San Diego County?

Discussion in 'California (Southern)' started by jc1, Jul 21, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    I recently took delivery of my 458 Spider and am looking for some nice driving roads around San Diego County. So far I've enjoyed taking the Lomas Sante Fe exit off the 5 and heading east for a few miles. It's a fun little road with some twists and turns, but the viability isn't great. Let's use this thread to compile a list of nice roads around SD county.

    A friend sent me this image from the BMW owners club. A few areas I'd like to check out on the weekend are:
    • Highland Valley Road
    • South Grade Road
    • Boulder Creek/ Engineers Road towards Julian
    i'm especially interested to know if there are any decent roads within 20 minutes of downtown that would be good for an evening after work or to take friends on a quick ride.

    I know there's a few SD owners on here, but it would also be nice to get a little roll call in case we want to plan a meet/ rally in the future.

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  3. 308inSD

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    I've driven Highland Valley Road many times. Sometimes it's great, but many times you get caught behind somebody slow and plodding. Last time I was on it I was stuck behind a drunk who seemed to have had a few too many at the wineries along the way. He proceeded to tag the car in front of him at the intersection with Pomerado Road. But the road itself is freshly paved in some sections, which is nice. Toward the Pomerado Road end the road is rough.

    I'd suggest S22, Montezuma Valley Road heading into Borrego Springs. One of my favorite drives ever was a weekday in the spring where I took my 308 out to Borrego just to have a burrito at the taco shop off of Christmas Circle. No traffic, sweeping views, great curves, and a tasty burrito... all-in-all a pretty great day.
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  4. ginoBBi512

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    Oct 9, 2016
    Borrego Springs, Sunset Highway , S16 , Mesa Grande !!! and the list goes on and on !!! 79 to Julian, 78 , the roads are insane !!! Through the many chicanes through through the orange groves on the way to Harrahs, they all connect, and you can spend all day behind the wheel, Palomar Mtn Road, Lake Henshaw !!!!Test your skill on MESA GRANDE, LOCK TO LOCK TURNS !!!

    Thank you
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