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What's the "best" first Ferrari?

  1. 365 GTC/4

  2. 308

  3. 328

  4. 348

  5. Mondial

  6. GT4

  7. Other? (please list in post if so)

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  1. jsa330

    jsa330 F1 Veteran
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    Oct 31, 2003
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    You need to include the "affordable" Vintage V12 models such as the 250 GTE, 330 2+2, and 365 2+2. I'm not coming from a point of prejudice since I own one, I'm just surprised they weren't included to begin with.
  2. Tyler

    Tyler F1 Rookie

    Dec 19, 2001
    dusty old farm town
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    328 is a great first Ferrari. Low entry price, not too costly to maintain, beautiful design.

    However, the BEST first Ferrari is a new one, purchased at sticker price and covered under warranty.
  3. Varenne

    Varenne Formula Junior

    Nov 8, 2003
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    You're right of course about these vintage V12s. However, the reason I didn't include them is that I just don't know enough about them as I would like and even though I love the look of the 250s especially, I don't think I would want my first F-car to be one that's already 40 years old...
  4. sjmst

    sjmst F1 Veteran
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    Jul 31, 2003
    Long Island, NY
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    I would, once again, get a Mondial. Some people put them down, but the only way to know for sure is a test drive. I have 3 sons, and the ability to toss them in the back seat for short hops is a luxury. Plus that back seat offers cargo space and the interior feels roomy.
    I would probably NOT go for the Mondial 8 again. It is a good car, but for about 5K more you can get a QV or a 3.2. So, a 3.2 is what I would do if i could do it again. If you can eek out the extra $$, get that. Again, these are bargain Ferraris if, like me, you like the styling.
  5. funshipone

    funshipone Formula Junior

    Jan 2, 2002
    Harrison Twp. Mi. US
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    John Bicsak
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    My first Ferrari is a 1984 308 GTS QV Black/Tan it has been a wonderful experence for two and half years time to move up to a 355 spider.
    I have my 308 listed in AD section. Car is prestine both mechanically and cosmetically only way to buy a Ferrari.
    I bought it that way and kept it that way.
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  6. JaguarXJ6

    JaguarXJ6 F1 Veteran

    Feb 12, 2003
    Black Hawk, CO
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    Here we are mixing in practicality and Ferrari again :)

    Most likely, your going to lose money on what you buy first if you drive it often and don't use it as a conversational piece. Correct?

    The money lost in depreciation and spent on maintenance could be applied towards the new model.

    Having a different model does not necessarily make you appreciate the model you desire more.

    In my situation, what drives my friends crazy is that I can afford a 308, a 328, or a 348 and afford the belt change and engine out every year, but I choose not to. Those are not the models I desire. Do not let someone tell you what you should buy. But rather, ask someone why they bought the model they did.

    Spend some time around the owners of the models above, become knowledgable on the model you desire, and you will not need a 'beginner' Ferrari just for the experience.

    You do not need to own a Ferrari in order to discover which model you desire most.

    I wish I had someone explain this to me when I was car shopping a couple of years ago. I'm throwing good money after bad in order to secure a more desirable daily driver, one that I've always wanted, that I could have and should have bought (I had the means) to begin with. Don't be like me.

  7. Wayne 962

    Wayne 962 Formula Junior

    Nov 27, 2003
    I agree with Jaguar guy. It's the same thing on the Porsche side. I couldn't find the exact car that I wanted so I bought a 308, and will continue looking on the 911 side (I wanted a 1972 RS-conversion with a 3.2 in it). To build this car would take much more time and effort than I have right now.

    I personally think that the 308 is a better looking car than the 348. I could also afford a 365 GTC, but my wife wasn't fond of the looks of those (has to get by here on approval). I decided on the '79 308 because I have experience with CIS systems, and I know that parts can be very difficult to source, and also very expensive (whereas the carbs are easy to rebuild).

    The question of this topic is a bit of a mystery to me, because I don't look at cars from particular marques soley on their heritage. For example, I was thinking of an Acura NSX, or an Aston Martin DB6, or a 911 RS, or even an early vette. A better question would be "best first sports car." But that's just me. Some people are all-Porsche, some are all-Ferrari. I'm just a big fan of all cars (although some people would think that I'm Porsche-only due to my background. I'm sure I've shocked some Porsche owners by my 308 purchase).

  8. zsnnf

    zsnnf Formula 3

    Sep 11, 2003
    My first Ferrari was an F40. I always wanted a Turbo car but never cared for Porsches. I have wanted a Ferrari for 27 years, I'm sorry I waited this long.....
    When I was 18, I bought a '69 427 Corvette. 15 Corvettes later I still have my ZR1 that I drive everyday and a Z06 that I am now thinking of selling to get another F-car. Maybe an F355 to drive daily instead of my ZR1. Maybe a 12 cylinder car.
    Thanks for starting this thread. There is a lot of good info here.

  9. bobafett

    bobafett F1 Veteran

    Sep 28, 2002
    I didn't bother to read the thread, just do what I did: 550.


    PS: Did I mention I want to be Rick? :D He even has adj. suspension! Waaaah!
  10. Varenne

    Varenne Formula Junior

    Nov 8, 2003
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    DES, thanks for the warm welcome. I love spending time this site and there's such a wealth of knowledge out there. I agree with you mostly. After a 512 TR or Testarossa, the 355 is next on my personal hit parade - it's probably more of a 'daily driver' than the other two- but I'm afraid all three of these are probably out of my price range at this stage in my life with my oldest starting college in a few years and a mortage that's not paid off yet. A few weeks ago I started a thread on the 'first ride in an F-car'. It didn't get too many responses, but for me it was a Testarossa which is why I love them to this day. I suspect my first will be a 308qv or 328 gts, but it'll have to wait a little bit longer. That's ok, I'm used to waiting...

  11. Wayne 962

    Wayne 962 Formula Junior

    Nov 27, 2003
    Right - to accurately debate this question, one definitely has to consider price a deciding factor. If price wasn't a factor, then the answer would be a Cal Spyder or a F50!

  12. Peter

    Peter F1 Veteran
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    Dec 21, 2000
    B.C., Canada
    I'm surprised at how poorly the GT4 has fared in this poll...

    You guys are missing out on a great car. Its got it all:

    • Low entry price (even for the best)
    • Relative rarity (2800 compared to 12000+ of 308 GTB/S)
    • Classic carbureted sound, unadultered by emissions crap or fuel injection
    • Practical, roomy interior comfortable on long drives/trips
    • Understated design that has aged well
    • Better engine access for servicing - yes, you can get to the front plugs without removing anything
    • When properly maintained, are extremely reliable

    I'd never give up mine, even if I had the money to buy something better.
  13. mondial86

    mondial86 Formula Junior

    Nov 1, 2003
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    David Holmes
    You could buy 3 Mondial"s for the price of 1 355.just a thought.
  14. sjmst

    sjmst F1 Veteran
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    Jul 31, 2003
    Long Island, NY
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    I agree, the GT4 is a great car.
  15. jeffdavison

    jeffdavison Formula 3
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    Jul 29, 2002
    Suwanee Georgia
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    Jeffrey Davison
    I voted for "other".

    The best Ferrari is the one you an park in your own garage.


    Jeff Davison
  16. Chiaro_Slag

    Chiaro_Slag F1 Veteran

    Oct 31, 2003
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    Like I told Rick yesterday at Crystal Cove - He doesn't f*** around!! I just love anyone who's first Ferrari is an F40!!! Too cool.
  17. Wayne 962

    Wayne 962 Formula Junior

    Nov 27, 2003
    Yeah, but come on... That's like saying my first house was a 5-bedroom mansion overlooking the ocean in Malibu. The F40s are selling for more than I paid for my house! Some of us have to start somewhere.


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