Best place for Newer Ferrari Insurance?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by closeshave, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. closeshave

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    Davy J
    Who are people using to insure new Ferrari’s? Looking for a good service and price. Thanks in advance
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    I use Peter James (Trevor Keefe, 0121 506 6040 /, but you might also usefully try Locktons (Gary Stubbs, 0121 232 4583 /
  3. daytona355

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    Sid Korshak
    I always do mine through marsh private clients in London. However, a word of warning, when you are insuring your TV, get the cheapest cover. When you are insuring your FERRARI, I think cover levels come way before price and gladly pay a little more to ensure my car is fully protected.

    For me, marsh organised a Zurich VIP policy with guaranteed value, protected no claims, lots of extras, and very very competitive. They now do all my cars and the house, shotguns etc
  4. Gullwing

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    Aug 30, 2016
    I’ve read good things about the Zurich VIP policies, they look good. I’d go with them if you don’t already have a good insurance relationship to work with.
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  5. mthompson2376

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    Mark Thompson
    Similar to above, I think they are all competitive when they have your portfolio, I have mine with Admiral, a Speciale (which insurance on its own was, let’s say very expensive), an F430, BMW 740d and BMW X5 50d, all for less than my first quote on the Speciale alone....sort of think they (insurance companies) may actually be starting to recognise customer loyalty, this is the differentiator in US companies now, I even had to make a claim on my 7 as some twonker took out the whole side of the car whilst parked in a car park, net 8k worth of damage but could of been a lot worse if there was damage to the carbon shell (car would have had to be sent back to Germany for fix at much expense if this had have been the case, so no surprises this is actually one of my most expensive cars to insure, and more than the F430?, I love my 7, but they are expensive to insure given all the tech on them) anyway fixed no problems at BMW, at renewal, I really didn’t have to beat them real penalties at all...for me that’s service.

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