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Best venue for selling a Dino

Discussion in '206/246' started by solly, Jul 19, 2018.

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    solly - I am so sorry that I missed you in NY - the weather was rough while I was there and I didn't get to drive the few collector cars I have out there - I am back in LA now

    And a friend of mine just called asking if I wanted to sell my 74 GTS - I said not yet - he has a client looking for a GTS

    I said that I knew someone who might be interested in selling a 74 - he is a broker - but he also happens to be a decent guy - I have never bought a car through him but we became friends because he had a car I was interested in - he said that I should give you his number - so let me know if you are interested in at least talking to him about it - his buyer was looking to spend around 400 - so I think there is room for you to make a better deal than you thought

    absolutely no pressure - I hope you are still on the mend - cheers - John

    I am happy to pass along your number to him but would never do so unless you wanted him to reach out
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