Birthday is in March, Drive Clean ends Apr. Let plate sticker expire?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by fire_n_ice, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. fire_n_ice

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    Hey folks,

    I have a car in winter storage and wondering if I should bother getting the emissions test to renew my plate sticker in March. The Drive Clean program ends on Apr 1, so presumably if I let the sticker expire, I can renew in person at a ServiceOntario location after Apr 1, without having to get the test done?

    Is that logical? Or, am I going to get caught in some ridiculous administrative loop. i.e. "Well your car needed a test as of March, so now you can't renew your sticker, ever!"

    I am sure some of you guys are in the same situation. Are you just going to let your sticker expire over the winter?

  2. Nuvolari

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    Rob C.
    It's my understanding that after April 1st emission testing is dead so you can register any car regardless of whether the tag is expired or if it failed a previous emissions test. One of my cars is in this boat and in storage so I'll wait till then to re-new the plates.
  3. Canuck550

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    Ron A
    Nuvolari is correct
    Confirmed at Service Ontario, no emissions required for renewal on my 550, after April 1st regardless if my birthday is in February and emissions are due now

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