Blackbird Concessionaires: Short Film about 4561SA.

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    Steve: I have been around 3765 for almost 40 years. When the 4-liter motor was removed, the factory installed the engine from 0796. Automobiles (and Ferraris) are generally always referenced by the chassis type, and not the engine. You can replace engines, but the chassis defines the car. Therefore, 3765 was and will always be a 330 LM.
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    Dyke, are there many (or any) differences between the 250 GTO chassis, which is tipo 539/62 to a 330 LM chassis which uses part of the 250 GTO chassis nomenclature tipo 539/566, apart from where the engine/gearbox mountings are positioned and the 20mm (3765LM)and 50mm (4561SA) differences in wheelbase of these cars?

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    Steve: Wheelbase is a pretty major difference, as is the engine location. As far as general suspension layout, the GTO (539/62) 3765 (539/566) and the four later cars (574) are the same.
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