BMW guys on FerrariChat?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by DriveAfterDark, May 14, 2011.

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    This is going to be a daily. Not to mention I cannot leave or enter the area I live without going over several speed bumps. They play havoc with my 360 and worse the Alfa Spider I had before the Z3.
    It is staying as it is because it needs to be 100% usable;)
    Last but not least my missus is not big on the looks. I think it'll stay around for a year at the most.
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    Stupid little gremlins kept my 635csi parked for a little over two years, but this year I finally got them fixed and the old girl is back on the road. Love driving this car, especially around the city. These are rare here in Brazil (I think only 10-15 of them around) so I get lots of comments about it when I take it out.
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    Jeff s
    I'm a collector of the unloved models from the millennium:

    daily drive the 'unloved' E36 M3,

    and covet my 360 modena gated :)......

    two lower powered momentum models..... but I love them as they are perhaps the last of an era of analog drivers cars :)
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    The E36 M3 always has a notalgia to it in my eyes. It was THE ultimate weapon back when I was in high school in the late 90s. The Estoril blue on dove with the spoiler was just it. I always thought that to be the ultimate car to have at that age (exotics obviously out of the question). I've always wanted one and thought about buying one at times but after owning the E38 for about 5 years I'm through with BMW and am drifting over to the 90s Mercs which are more reliable. How many miles a year do you put on that car?
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    Jul 22, 2011
    The E36 is a great car with a nice nostalgic feel to it.

    I’ve had mine for almost 5 years and have done nearly 30k miles in that time. A year ago I bought an e92 so the e36 mostly sits now. I drove it today after it had sat for a couple weeks and it fired right up. The e36 is such a fun car and I need to show mine some more love.

    Only real issue I had was a broken thermostat that caused it to overheat right as I was leaving town for a 200mile drive hone. Other than that I had a couple issues with a battery and smaller things but overall it has been reliable *knocks on wood*
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    Those therm/waterpumps go every 60/80k miles. If I ever bought one I'd daily drive it that's the problem :) I do about 10k a year on my E38 and I'm averaging about $1200 a year worth of nickel and diming like clockwork. It isn't really the money, it's the frequency of the issues. It seems like I can't go longer than 3-4 months without an issue emerging. I have a small coolant leak in it somewhere (pretty sure its the valley pan) and I have to add coolant about twice a year. I really don't feel like tearing it apart to find it. I've had 3 mechanics pressure test it and found no leaks in the system. I'm pretty set on getting a C140 Mercedes when I'm done with this car. It won't be as sporty or as pretty but it will be a beautiful and feel like a bank vault. Problem is the E38 is so intoxicating to drive. The handling is incredible (zero body roll), looks to die for, and the sound of the motor when punched on the highway is grand. Mine has 224k (looks like it has 75k) uber clean and I can't just let some shmuck take it from me for a peasants ransom. I told all of my close friends that it is my first and last BMW, I called it from the beginning (knew what I was getting myself in to). I dont' understand why your average luxury car buyer buys these cars. Unless you're really into speed, handling etc. you are wasting your time and money. BMW to me is the entry level Porsche. You're better off buying a merc. lexus, Acura, etc. if you're one of these people. They always want to pull there hair out after owning a bimmer. I love my car but it drives me nuts at the same time, my Testarossa is more reliable. My friends and I worked at a dealer in high school and I can recount many stories of customers going apoplectic on service writers/cashiers regarding costs and frequent visits. I remember an old lady owned one of the first 2002 745LI (total trash) and after getting a bill for 5 figures from the service department, went APE-S@@@ on the staff and literally threatened to call the police. It was hilarious. :)
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    Wade O.
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