BMW guys on FerrariChat?

Discussion in 'Other German' started by DriveAfterDark, May 14, 2011.

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    King Koopa
    and then make grand coupe garbage out of everything as well..
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    Because BMW seems obsessed with nomenclature.... Remember when 325 actually meant--3 series, 2.5 liters... now everything is a hot mess with them.. M3/M4 is the least of their problems. However, I don't understand how you are defining "modern BMW" For me, the demarcation point for "modern BMW's" in the sense that they followed BMW traditional formula is E46/E39. I agree that the E90 and E60 in some ways were better than what followed, I look at them as the break point. ESPECIALLY the E60. It's been largely a forest of disappointment with the occasional tree of hope ever since.

    Of course, that doesn't mean, I can't pick and chose particular modern BMWS that I personally believe are excellent, even if they don't ascribe to traditional BMW values.
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    2001 was the last year of BMW for me. E38, E39, E46, and Z8 were the best designs then and now imo. 2001 X5 and Z3 are ok, but not ugly by any means. The 2002 7 series was a joke that started the end. E60 doesn't even look like a BMW to me at least from the front.
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    Have to agree, theres nothign compelling they make now.

    The new 7 series rental I had was nice and plush, but one could say that about nay luxury car, nothing special BMW about it.

    the rest of the lineup is bland to drive and look at, IIhink their 4 cyl turbo motors are not as good as others, most of the x series have crappy ride and so so steering.

    I guess maybe a loaded x5 is the best choice in the misize/big suv category, but thats about it.

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