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    this car was not on my intermarry doing a little research, this is a great deal for this car.
    I would consider this.
    why is the seller selling, why didn't this target used more.

    seems like the perfect dd, and track weapon.
  2. jliberato

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Good questions. I have ended up trading it in on a new 911 Targa GTS so it is not available now. It is the perfect track weapon for sure. DD not so much. It is truly a track beast. With that said, it is not an option to drive daily in my opinion. Now, I am no spring chicken, so comfort is somewhat important. The main issue is the front splitter is very low and there is no option to lift it. You cannot even consider driving into commercial complexes that have any sort of lowered or raised shoulder. If you are ok with that, it is a great car. My personal main issue is that it does not have a third pedal. All my performance machines have had third pedals and when I bought this I was thinking I would track more, maybe get used to not having an MT and did not end up doing so. Daily driving for me must have a third pedal. There are a number of these available, so if you want a track beast, you should consider one.

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