BORA: hands-on how-to topics (Engine, Dashboard, LHM, etc.)

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    Jun 18, 2013
    I miss the older format of FerrariChat where it seemed I had better view/access to search all old threads concerning self-help (or guidance for a mechanic). Lately my long-term Bora resource (Greg Armstrong: Historic Race Engineering, late of Costa Mesa, CA) removed to Virginia to be with grandkids etc. I find I should have been paying to have him train me instead of merely doing a great job making the car run superbly. Alas.

    Bless Ivan/carnut for his website and free access to all the old documentation.
    Would that there were an actual how-to shop manual for all tasks desired, this far on.

    Also, Bob S and Elliot S have (amongst others) published much over the years of great interest for those who would learn more Bora hints/tips/tricks concerning intimate details that I appreciated. I can't seem to easily find that older stuff now, in the new format. Lately I have a notion I'd like to potentially replace all dash lights with LED bulbs, and also improve the interior heat/AC/blower, etc. There was a dash R&R article... cannot not find it. Anyone? MIE?

    This sort of this is crossover too for the Merak model years having the same dash. Cross-indexing/search technique somehow not obvious to me to reach this knowledge, this database. The Merak site may be my solution there, as they have taken much trouble and effort for their variant. However, you get the idea.

    As well, any resurrection of networking for these older Maseratii, Bora, other--put me on the list. Maybe the younger generations know better how to deploy the 'net to such advantage... etc.

    Thanks for any/all attention to above pleas/whining... will respond to questions re Bora best as able.
    Perhaps this will be a new Hands-On sort of thread, but if redundant then please inform as to what it should be merged with and how to reach and search that easily.

    -- Ned Evans
    '73 Bora US 4.9 '626 silver/red

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