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Discussion in 'American Muscle' started by James_Woods, Oct 1, 2007.

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    I have just been picking up some Corvette plant rumors from the ZR1 people...

    a) the Cadillac XLR line is shut down (has been for several weeks) and the unfinished cars are just sitting in place partially assembled under plastic sheets.
    b) the XLR line last ran real production numbers only because of an order of around 250+ Mary Kaye special cars in pink.
    c) Pontiac Solstice & the Saturn clone are said to be moving to BG, thus putting all the GM 2 seaters there. Said to be for 2012.
    d) Hints that the Blue Devil/SS will really be named the (new) ZR1 are kind of dying out - apparantly Chevrolet is not saying anything yet.

    The workers are said to be glad to have the new production because of the inactivity around the XLR, and were worried that GM might be moving Corvette elsewhere - apparantly with the GM insiders, it is pretty common knowledge that unless a plant has more than one successful line of cars in production, they are considered vulnerable to a shutdown.

    I really wonder if these two will prove to be much better received than the Caddy Corvette? Or that these two can really survive until 2012?

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