Boxer Seat Covers

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by PWehmer, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. PWehmer

    PWehmer Formula 3

    Oct 15, 2002
    Surrounded by Water
    I swear i did a search and can't find anything about seat covers that fit and look decent for a Boxer.

    Anyone have any advice? Trying to protect the original leather. Which for 30 yo really looks pretty good.
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  3. parkerfe

    parkerfe F1 World Champ

    Sep 4, 2001
    Cumming, Georgia
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    Franklin E. Parker
    I have the red satin seat covers that match the red satin car cover...I bought them from a FChatter in Texas who got them in Italy...Hopefully he will see your post and respond...they look OK with a black Cavallino on them...I love them in the summer as they help keep you from sweating and sticking to the leather seats...
  4. Murph

    Murph Formula 3

    Apr 26, 2004
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  5. sparta49

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    Mar 3, 2001
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    I think I talked him into reupholstering in a zebra skin like Tony Montana's Caddy

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