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Discussion in '' started by imported_hitec, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. imported_hitec

    Jul 24, 2007
    OK, here is the deal. I am 37 years old about to turn 38. I have always wanted to learn to fly. I am done with the excuses. I was a poor enlisted guy. I have battled an illness for a couple of years. I finally decided that on my 38th birthday I will get my private pilot license and maybe take it farther. My goal is to fly from Virginia to St. Croix, USVI if possible in a years time. Is this an attainable goal?

    Now Im finally ready to take off. I have the funds to make it happen and I will be starting my training this Saturday at Aviation Adventures in Manassas, VA. I am being offered to train in a Diamond DA20, Cessna 152, or a Cessna 172.

    So any of you pro's out there have some advice on how to start, what to study? Good habits? Gear that is good or bad to get? Is there a thread out here that can help the newbies out?

    Please advise. Thanks.
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  3. rob lay

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    Dec 1, 2000
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    Rob Lay
    Welcome, I just got my ticket. You can read about my complete experience here...

    Have you looked into GI Bill paying for your training? It can be done, but the school has to be setup for it.
  4. rfking

    rfking Formula Junior

    Nov 16, 2003
    All I can say is Good Luck! I hope you realize your dream. I know the 152 & 172 well, and they are good training aircraft, but I just so happened to look at a Diamond this afternoon in a hangar and I must say I was impressed with the avionics, flight control system, etc., so I suppose the question boils down to one of economics. I would select the aircraft with the lowest rental cost per hour (probably the 152) because flight experience is measured in hours, not miles, for new pilots.

    Just my $.02
  5. imported_hitec

    Jul 24, 2007
    I think my G.I. Bill funding has expired. So I do not think I can get anymore out of that cashcow. The mother in law has footed the bill for the lessons.

    What equipment will I need to purchase? Has anyone heard of ATP flight training?
  6. av8erboy

    av8erboy Rookie

    Jul 25, 2007
    I just finished my PPL and flew DA-20s through out. 89 bucks an hour, very safe aircraft for training. Mechanics all say about the same things - Bullet proof air frame, only minor recurrent problems like faulty oil pressure sensors.

    I loved flying the DA-20s. For a long xc I would prefer a bigger plane like the 40 or a Cessna. The 40 I have heard has uncomfortable seats, from several pilots and a cruise speed of only a 10-20- knots more than the 20s.

    For Airline Careers and Commercial Aviation in general I have read many debates on School choices between Academies and FBOs. Sounds like a lot FBOs can supply all most all your training, offer very flexible schedules, and are usually much cheaper. It appears to be hit or miss. They usually have limited funding and when they hit hard times or loose a plane your training can suffer. Most critics of ATP only attack the cost and question the quality of your training in the 90 day programs. The are how ever fast, organized, and although not bankrupt proof they seemed to have plenty of assets and planes to keep you flying. More good comments about this school than bad which I haven't always heard from many other schools like West Wind, or Pan AM, or RAA or Delta Connections. I am sure some of the bad press is people just not ready for the challenge, Or just don't do well with that type of delivery. Biggest complaint on Academies is the Money spent compared to going through a regular school like Riddle or UVSC in Utah. 2 to 4 year programs.

    If I were a young man and serious about aviation as a career, I would go to a full blown college and get my degree along with all my flight training.

    I am no expert but I have been researching different schools, academies and programs for over a year now and these are the conclusions I have reached.

    I will probably go ATP in September, Pay the big bucks and hedge my bet a little by dedicating my self to as much book work on IFR,COMM, and Multi as possible between now and September.

    Good Luck to you.
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