Brandnew 360 Modena / Spider exhaust racing systems

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    For sale two new racing exhaust for Ferrari 360 Modena or Spider. Complete with racing pipes, clamps, screws and seals. I do have two versions. V 1 = +10 dB and V 3= F1 sound. A soundfile for the V 3 is available.
    Diameter pipes 55 mm.
    Produced by Ferrari Limited Cars Racing Company in Hamburg.

    Price: 1350 € for one new exhaust complete System.
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  3. 24000rpm

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    what's the material used? especially the tip?

    from the picture i assume its a non-factory system?

  4. Fishhoek31

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Good morning,
    I can send more Pictures if u want. At the back of the exhaust u will see the letters 360 and Limited Cars. At one I have sold yet additional Capristo. May be Capristo made these for this racing Company Limites Cars.The exhaust Looks like a Capristo, but I do not know..All the parts are high-grade steel. If u send me ur email adress I can give u more Pictures and a soundfile from the V 3.
  5. DinoCavallino

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    Jul 12, 2017
    Is this system still available?

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