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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by theredkite, Aug 23, 2004.

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    Aug 6, 2004
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    Mike C
    It seems both AA and RAC won't take my 308 from my home address further than a 10 mile radius. As I'm not happy about the local Vauxhall man interfering with my new toy, in the non-starting situation I find myself in now I've had to pay to get it recovered to my nearest specialist. So the question is are any of the other breakdown people better?

    Had a quick look in the archive, couldn't find any previous threads.

    Thanks, Mike

    PS Of course it would be different if it broke a hundred yards down the road. THEN it goes anywhere I want...
  2. Izza

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    Nov 3, 2003

    I had the same thing. It seemed daft that RAC said that they didn't recommend leaving a broken car on a twisty road but since I pushed it off the road onto my road they wouldn't come. I was told by telephonist to push the car to the other end of my road (i.e. 400 yards) and then phone back. Told her to shove her knickers where the sun didn't shine and send man that instant - that way he would arrive as I ended 400 yard push.

    Here is interesting bit - van man duly arrived on time and told me that in future to tell telephonist that car was on other road, walk along to other road and then when van arrived direct him 400 yards back to my house. He didn't give a hoot where the car was sat! Fixed car and we both went on our way.

    Lesson - be economical with the truth when speeaking to the dumb blonde on the telephone and RAC is quite helpful.
  3. GrahamS

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    Grandmaster G
    You just have to be firm with them. Last time they picked mine up it needed towing 30 miles down to KHPC. They said that was outside their normal limit.

    I just told them that the car was under warranty with KHPC and it had to go there.They backed down straight away
  4. Ade

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    Jan 31, 2004
    I've had mine flatbedded by the AA twice now. Both times they were really good (could just be luck) - they took it wherever I wanted (at 3am in the morning at one point) and even helped me pushed it into my garage - a tricky task.

    I've certainly got my money's worth from the AA.
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    Nov 3, 2003
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