For Sale Brembo Front & Rear GT Big Brake Front 6Piston 405x34 & 4Piston Rear 380x28 !!!!!!!!!!

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    Brembo Front & Rear GT Big Brake Front 6Piston 405x34 & 4Piston Rear 380x28 !!!!!!!!!!

    $4000.00 obo

    Comes with new brake lines will bolt directly on Mercedes S63/65

    Also great for project or race car !!!!! Priced to move and allow for fab work on a new application.

    Disc Size & Type: 405x34 2-Piece
    Pistons: 6
    • Part Number: BR-GT-1N2-9503A-1048 MSRP: $4,895.00


    Disc Size: 380x28 2-Piece
    Pistons: 4

    • Part Number: BR-GT-2P1-9006A-1141 MSRP: $3,795.00

    For drivers who demand the utmost from their car
    Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars, these kits offer superlative performance for both normal driving and demanding track day sessions.

    Brembo kits consist of cross-drilled or slotted ventilated, one-piece or composite discs and aluminum calipers with 4, 6 or 8 pistons; a complete set of high-performance pads; metal-braided hoses and high-quality hardware.

    Solutions and technologies born on the race track
    Braking systems consisting of motorsports-derived components offering levels of technology and performance without par on the market today and embodying the purest expression of Brembo's state-of-the-art technology.

    The kit consists of aluminum calipers with opposed pistons which, depending on the car model and in increasing order of performance, may be composite, monoblock or even billet monoblock components, combined with cross-drilled or slotted one-piece or composite oversized discs. Brembo kits combine the best solutions available to offer the perfect solution for the individual characteristics of each model.

    The heart of the kit consists of aluminum calipers. These are also available as monoblock parts machined from a single billet of cast aluminum, which ensures outstanding rigidity and minimized deformation. The discs supplied in the kit, which may either be floating or one-piece, depending on the specific car model, feature an exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock by over 40%.

    Cross-drilled and slotted finishes are designed and executed with meticulous precision. These holes or slots in the braking surface help dissipate heat and eliminate brake dust and gases. A set of high-performance brake pads with specific friction materials for each application, TV/DOT homologated metal-braided hoses, an adapter and high-quality fastener hardware complete the kit.

    Eye-catching, unique looks
    With a combination of painted calipers (available in red, black or silver) flaunting the Brembo logo, and slotted or cross-drilled discs, the Gran Turismo kit gives an unmistakably sporty, eye-catching look to the car, offering that extra special touch for drivers who want their vehicle to stand out from the crowd.

    These offer even more performance and consist of billet-monoblock calipers, slotted discs in diameters up to 405 mm and special high-performance pads.

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