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    Big news! Membership in the FCA now brings with it big savings and “Bucks Back.”

    The FCA is rolling out a significant new bundle of membership benefits providing discounts where Ferrari owners can really use them. Effective immediately, we get 10% off parts and labor for service work at any authorized Ferrari dealership in the US and Canada.

    Carry your valid FCA membership card in your wallet because you’ll need to show it when the service order is written. That alone might save you the cost of your annual dues… but there is even more.

    We also get 10% off car transport with Horseless Carriage in the U.S. and TFX in Canada (intrastate, in and out of Canada). That applies to and from all locations serviced by those companies.

    If you’ve been holding off on a trip to racing school, now is the time: we’ve negotiated 10% off Skip Barber racing school programs at all their locations.

    If you are considering leasing a Ferrari, you’ll want to take advantage of an offer from Putnam Leasing who will take $300 off a new lease.

    To get these deals all that you have to do is present your current FCA Membership Card at the time of any sign-up and you’ll save. Bucks Back discounts are off of standard pricing excluding specials or promotional discounts. See for full program details and restrictions.

    FCA Visa is also part of the Bucks Back program. With the card you can get 1% back on your purchases or other rewards. The FCA has developed the program in conjunction with Partners First making a VISA card available to our members. You can even have a photo of your own car on the card!

    To apply for your card please call FCA Membership Services at (800)
    328-0444 or e-mail today! This FCA Visa card is currently available to US members only.

    Best regards,

    Marv Landon, National Membership Chairman, FCA
    Al DeLauro, President, FCA
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