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Discussion in 'Bugatti' started by Hank77, Apr 9, 2019.

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    On a whim, and with no real expectations, I signed up for a build slot for a Bugatti Baby II a few weeks ago. A few days ago, I received a message indicating that I have secured one of the 500 build slots. I honestly thought all of these would get allocated to existing owners of Bugatti's "real" cars, so I was fairly surprised at the message I received. I've been searching the last few days to see who else received a build slot, and so far I've only found one other person who has posted in a miata and bmw forum.

    What is it? It's a 3/4 scale Type 35, electric powered, intended for kids, but fits adults as well. Here are some specs I've gathered from the original Bugatti article, as well as other publications:
    - 1kW kids mode (~12 mph), 4kW adult mode (~28 mph), optional speed key 10kW (speed unknown, but expecting 50-60 mph), removable lithium ion battery (no capacity advertised)
    - Hand built by Pocket Classics (previously built a 1/2 scale Type 35), dimensions based on a 3D scan of an original Type 35
    - Leather seating, steering wheel, 50g silver Macaron badge (numbered), 2019 builds will come with a 110 year anniversary badge
    - Standard color is French Blue, but can be built with other colors (configuration options have not been announced, they're anticipating more details over the summer)
    - Base price is ~$34k (plus taxes and delivery), they're asking for a ~$13k deposit in a few weeks
    - Dimensions: ~9' long, ~3' wide, ~6' wheelbase
    - Build slot cannot be transferred, to keep speculators out and keep the cars in hands of enthusiasts
    - More background available at

    I'm curious to see if anyone here knows of any other confirmed build slots? I'm not looking to flip for profit, but I'd like to enjoy it for a bit and be able to recover a majority of my cost if I find myself not really enjoying the novelty of it. The original Bugatti Baby from 90 years ago (1/2 size, electric powered) was considered a real Bugatti, but I'm not sure if this one will be considered one since it's built by Pocket Classics, although it sounds like Bugatti has a heavy influence (Macaron badge, 110th anniversary badge).
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