1. Michael Harari

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    Feb 20, 2020
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    Michael Harari
    Hi All,

    New here and looking to purchase at GTC4 very soon.

    Just got back today from driving the car around town to ensure this was the one...

    I completed my build and awaiting final colors from the dealer to go ahead with my deposit.

    Few questions,

    1. What would depreciation be like on this Ferrari?
    2. Would it make sense to just get a used one for 30% less?
    3. How do you think this car will hold up in terms of lasting quality, maintenance and the actual longevity of the car itself...?
    4. How many miles can I rack up before/if any problems start to arise from normal wear and tear?

    I do own a few Porsche’s, I will use this Ferrari as more of an “everyday” driver as I’m in love with it. I’m a young guy in the mid 20’s who lives for this stuff.

    I do plan I taking this Ferrari snow boarding, on road trips and to do regular errands. So lasting quality is very important to me as I need it to hold up well.

    I would genuinely like to be thoroughly educated about this car and any history or general information would be welcomed with open ears.

    Want to ensure I’m making the right decision...

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated,
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Jaguar36

    Jaguar36 Formula Junior

    Nov 8, 2010
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Where are you located and are you looking at the V8 or V12?

    1)Alot. Take a look at some used prices, but 30% off sticker in the first year is probably ballpark, 50% in 3 or 4 years. Obviously dependent on options and mileage. These cars have very high MSRP and come come with alot of expensive options that aren't worth much on the secondary market. There also have been some cars that were purchased purely to get an allocation for a special edition and then dumped which hurt the market.

    2)Depends on your financial situation and how much you value a new car. If you get it new, you got all the excitement of a brand new Ferrari, you also get to spec it exactly how you want... course then you also have to wait for it. The used market for these is very small, if you want an unpopular color or are picky about your options you could be in for a long wait until one comes on the market. On the other hand, if you don't really care, or there does happen to be one you really like on the market, you could save a ton of money.

    3/4)Reliability is very hard to measure on a car like this with low volume and low usage. However In general it seems to be quite good. The PTU in the V12 system may be a weakness, it doesn't seem like it is a frequent failure, but it is expensive when it happens.
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  3. Michael Harari

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    Feb 20, 2020
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    Michael Harari
    Thank you so much for your detailed response. I am particular about a few options like the carbon steering wheel and Pano roof, as well as ceramic exhaust tips and upgraded audio. I’m only interested in the V12.

    the dealer told me it would be about 5 months out if I were to go with the new build.
  4. greyboxer

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    Dec 8, 2004
    South East
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    Welcome: scroll down to the Lusso etc section and read the many posts to get good background etc
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  5. Nospinzone

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    Jul 1, 2013
    Weston, MA
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    Jaguar36 answered your questions very well.

    If lasting quality and holding up well is very important to you, then you need to buy a Lexus. Unfortunately it will not be nearly as much fun.

    And as far as wanting to "ensure I’m making the right decision", cars, like life, make no guarantees. You roll the dice and you take your chances! :D

    All that being said, if you like the car and you can afford it and afford to maintain it, buy it.
  6. Michael Harari

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    Feb 20, 2020
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    Michael Harari
    Of course!! And super appreciative!

    Thanks for your advice.
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  7. gilly6993

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    Aug 20, 2009
    Longmeadow, MA
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    This car is to new to crystal ball the long term quality. As others have said if reliability and worry free ownership is a main concern a Ferrari is not for you. This is my 3rd FCar. My Lusso has had its share of issues but it is what it is. As a Ferrari owner you have to expect some things to go wrong. In the end dealing with the issues is worth it as there is not a single car on the market like it....the V12 is epic.

    Depreciation is tremendous and honestly if it’s a concern buy used. I picked up a one year old car at 25% off sticker. It’s now 3 years old and probably dropped to just above 50% of its original MSRP. Doesn’t matter. I’m keeping it for awhile.

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  8. PhilaChris

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    Mar 6, 2019
    It seems reasonable that the overall reliability will be on par with the good reputation its predecessor seems to have today.

    I’ve had 40k+ reliable miles in my FF, only unscheduled service was for the PTU. Which I ‘planned for’ when buying it.

    Its more reliable than my Jag but it is no Lexus!
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