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    I have noticed that ferrari dealers have changed since I bought my first ferrari.

    Before I felt like ferrari dealers with their reps are connoisseurs. That they will not sell a ferrari without going thru strict inspection and reconditioning before they sell it. And they will declare obvious defects on the car before selling it.

    Ive come across a couple of ferrari dealers which sold me a car with a undeclared respray, another that had too much rock chips in the front with only a few thousand miles and another with a bad bumper scrape that cracked the paint that they sold as in good condition and CPO. There are other things I have found but can only be known with a test drive. The above are external condition that are obvious but they wont say over the phone.

    They seem to prey on people who cannot see the car and just present that you can trust them.

    I get more honesty with a used porsche sales agent than a ferrari sales agent these days.

    My recommendation with everyone, do not buy a used ferrari without doing an inspection by your trusted mechanic or yourself before buying it.

    Honesty is not a trait you expect a car dealer to have. Its an exemption rather than a rule. So you need to be careful when buying any used car, especially if its worth more than an average 4 bedroom home in america.
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