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Buying: Authorized or Independendant? Pros & cons

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by djs308, Dec 27, 2003.

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  1. djs308

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    Sep 2, 2002
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    David S.
    I'm not quite there yet (ALMOST got there once), but what are your experiences regarding the purchase of a used Ferrari, specifically the type of dealer it came from? I know there are dealers on the chat so all opinions and insights are welcome!

    I realize the authorized dealers have the FNA records regarding the car they are selling and will charge "more" for a given car than if it were for sale at a non-authorized dealer. But does it make that much of a difference, especially if the "independent" shop is fluent in Ferrari? I have looked at cars (308's/Mondials) at both types of dealers but have not yet bought my first Ferrari (mostly due to lack of funding for service/maintenance).

    Hypothetically, if I wanted to get a 1985 red/tan 308 GTS, would it be better to buy said 308 at an "authorized" shop or take my chances and go with an independant who has a good car but not necessarily "it's history"? I know the importance of a PPI but would I still need to get a PPI if the car is being sold by the authorized shop? Is there any tangible incentive to buying through them for this 308? Yes, I know that it can still blow up after driving it off the lot from either but other than that, should I just save some $$ and find a good deal at the independent?

    What are some of the Pros and Cons you have found when you purchased your own F-cars from a dealer?
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    I think through my experience you need to decide how much you want or can spend. Then you need to decide which car model you wish ot buy. You mentioned 308, then the Mond, two very different prices and two different cars.

    As for the independant vs. dealer, I think you need to look at the history on the car and owners.Its not uncommon for a 308 to have about 15 owners by now. My 74 308gtb has 300,000 miles on the dial and I bought it with 80,000 with 5 owners. Did the tranny and engine rebulid at about 220. Great car, take it through the McDi's drive through with the kids. BUT, it had almost all documenation when I bought from a private guy. Great buy,great car.

    Regardless of where you buy it make sure you can verify the belts, tune ups, oil changes and then have someone you trust that is mechanic and him go over it as fine as possible. The rest is up to you....doesn't matter where you buy it, as long as you buy it correctly !!
    Good luck !!

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