C-8 Corvette a disappointment

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Bill ochrane, Jan 9, 2020.

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    I use the word like ( unless you want to spend a few hours/days talking to me you would not truly understand how my mind works), but what I feel is not like, not in the way you feel things. It is more along the lines of what you feel when you finish a task. I think every car is not done when it comes out of the box, so my task is to make them better. When I'm done with the task (with the exception of my keepers) the car goes away, next car, next task. I have attachments (to my dogs, a couple of humans), but I do not feel love, hate, joy, or sadness. Outside of being able to buy things and help people in need (which I do because I live by a code RinTinTin morals), I don't live a life anyone would envy. I don't know what my post being something else means, my girlfriend thinks it is sarcasm, which I cannot understand. I have learned to use words that normal brained people understand to describe things, because I exist in your world when I interact on forums. I doubt an autistic car forum would be that exciting, and I would not be able to learn much about feelings and emotional responses to things on a forum like that. I don't post as often (less than 3600 posts in over 16 years) most people, but I read a lot of the posts on here every day. It helps me better understand how to interact (which I don't do that often) in social situations. I hope that answers your questions and satisfies your curiosity.
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