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    I parted -- so to speak -- reluctantly with my 2013 Cali 30 recently, traded it in. I have a few items that were not with the car originally that I gathered when I bought it, in case anyone else is missing these. I looted them back when I traded. For now asking $800 plus shipping for all of it -- might list them individually later if no takers.

    Factory OEM car cover, in red bag -- just the car cover, not the seats and steering wheel. I never put it on the car personally, looks to be in fine condition, lightly used judging by a stray leaf or two in the bag.

    Factory OEM wind stop, in black padded case -- this is nice to have and effective, a lot of the used cars are missing them. One tiny hole in the mesh but not the part of the mesh that is stopping the wind. See photos. Case has velcro on one side to secure in trunk, I suppose, I just left it on the car.

    Factory cloth work gloves in red case -- presumably these are for use to avoid sullying your manicure whilst dialing the flatbed when you get a flat ; )

    Factory red pouch for the battery conditioner and its Ferrari manual -- just the sleeve, not the charger itself.

    Owner's guide/manual for the infotainment system -- far more value, surely, than its Chrysler counterpart.

    I would presume the cover and wind stop will work with the T, as well, but you might want to check first. Check preferred, but Paypal is fine, if you don't mind sending Friends and Family or picking up their fees. Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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